Chief Elder Osiris : Wanting A Flagrant Untruth In America

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    Wanting A Flagrant Untruth That Will Measure Up To The Lie We Live In America

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is something that is seriously wrong with Black people sense to mind reasoning, when it come to our stay in and our relationship to America.

    Black people seem to have been made not to be able to know what we need and should desire that which will serve to our well being.

    We have become to down wrong over bearing, in our want for what we have been taught is the best way for Black people to be in America, which is to believe that we all have equal opportunity to become the next President Obama or what ever else we desire to be, that will cause us to become very highly successful professional, political, economically and religious in America.

    That beloved is the basic mental premise of our belief in America, as Black People look at ourselves having the opportunity to become in America and anything that come dressed in the Divine truth uncovering our flagrant Untruth that support the Lie that we now live in America, is totally rejected without us trying to use a common use of ability to reason Divinely about what is the Divine Truth that Black Folks lives are confronted with in America, as for as equal opportunity being just as much our reality in America just as it is to those who are directly related to the oppressors in charge of determining who it will be that will experience the Greater Good that America has to offer the people living in America.

    So, if Black people is to believe that our lives opportunity is just as much equal to the opportunity of those people in America who are not Black, it send a very serious message of deceit to our children today in America, and we wonder why our children do not listen or have the desire to be as their parents are today in America?

    Black Parents and Black People in general, they who lie and teach a flagrant Untruth to our children telling them that in America, every Black child has the opportune probability to become president or first lady or man in America.

    So what happens, here come this nobody with the obligation to share the Divine Truth with our children and Black people in general, bursting the bubble of flagrant untruth and accepted lies Black people have been condition to disorient ourselves with and to accept and believe is the flagrant Untruth that we must hang our lives on, and go through America life, wishing, believing, hoping, and having faith, that such a flagrant Untruth buffered with lies about our opportunity in America, we must accept is sufficient for the lives of Black people living in America.

    So what we do to establish support for living a flagrant Untruth and with Lies in America, believing a Lie that we Black People can be all that we want to be in America and that the life Black folks live is the best **** Life that any Black Afrikan living away from America and especially in Afrika can ever have a dream to live.

    So what happen, it is the Divine Truth that come measuring not up to what the flagrant truth and lies Black people have spent a life time in conditioning ourselves to believe is the best thing for Black people, we who are here in America by way of the middle passage to believe about the way we live today in America and that it represent a Greater Flagrant Untruth and Lie that our life has come to embrace to be the best way to believe about our lives conditional opportunities in America.

    Never is it my intention to imply to our children and to Black people in general that we must not be a people who are determined to live the best way we can given the circumstance we now find ourselves in America, but in no way will I join that Lying Black Choir that Lie and mislead our children and the matured Black People, to believe in a flagrant Untruth covered in deceiving lies, telling our Children and the matured Black People, that in America we can not have it any better anywhere else in the world, to live our life, than in America.

    That beloved is the flagrant untruth and lie that has Black people today in America to be the most docile and none responsive to the Divine Truth that share with Black People what it is we must do to save and cause our lives to become safe from the evil of this America world and the World in general.

    Black people who are birth wise qualified, must demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and get the Hell out of America, because America will never again be the America you have been conditioned to dream it will be, and go and establish ourselves with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, as the next state in Afrika and do what is necessary to Unite the Black Afrikan Nation and regain authority over the Land we now refer to as Afrika.

    Beloved have you ever noticed those Black People who pretend that they are so Black and pro Afrika, in America, they pretend to be seekers of a Greater Truth than the flagrant untruth and lie we now live by, but have hidden back in our Human Being Mind certain conditions and qualification of the Truth we pretend to seek?

    You know, we go like this, and I quote, "I am all against the injustice we are exposed to in America and I do want ( not need) the best for my children in America", yet we have a hidden qualifier, which is, whatever that Truth is that we need, it must not take us beyond the boundaries of America, as if the Divine Truth can guarantee your Black behind a life of the Greater Good and Justice to be lived in America, when we have had approximate Five Hundred Years to make it so.

    Here is another deceiving approach Black People use in confronting the Divine truth, we pretend to want to know all of the details that are required to secure our Ancestors Reparation and what the plan and strategy is to make such happen, trying to lure the Divine truth in that regard, to be revealed right here on the WWW Internet, only a fool without a Divine Plan would submit to such a request coming from dishonest Black folks who know **** well that they can not see themselves living anywhere else but with their oppressors in America.

    The dishonesty of Black people, when in defense of our Ignorant intelligence.

    Here is another spill we love to make in defense of our dishonest ignorant intelligence, when attempting to justify a flagrant untruth dressed in lies, and I quote, Black people, some of us make the claim in defense for our stay in America, and it goes like this, " I am not going back to Afrika, Afrika is not my home, America is my home, because our Enslaved Ancestors made it possible for us to have just as much right to be in America than anybody else".

    Having Rights and being in position to enforce those Rights are very fifferent in being real to your life, beloved.

    I am sure that you have heard that lie coming from Black folks in defense of our stay in America and our denial of ourselves to Afrika.

    Beloved, there is no greater display of the ignorant intelligence of Black People who assert that our Enslaved Ancestors went through the agony of being Enslaved and to endure that torture for the simple reason so their children can deny their Home Land in favor of the oppressors stolen Land.

    So those who advocate such a lie, is to dishonest to acknowledge the Divine Truth, so what we Black folks do, we marry a flagrant truth with a veil of lies and wear it with a pride that is flawed and hypocritical in view of what our Enslaved Ancestors intended for their children in America and that is why Black people no longer have control of our lived and hace no confidence coming from our Children toward their parents, and in being Black in general, in America.

    No, No beloved, I will never become guilty of peddling flagrant Untruths and Lies to our children and to the matured Black people about our True condition in America and about what our opportunities are in America.

    Away with all of that mountain top religion jargon and the ideal America being little Black boys holding hands with little White Girl and vice versus, that is the want and dream of the ignorant intelligent Black African, believing that it is best to tell lies to our children about America than for them to know the Divine Truth about America and how America relate to the Black Afrikan, which is always from a position of superiority and if you are not teaching our children that Divine Truth, then you are a poor excuse for being Black and anything else you want to call yourselves.

    Either you Black people are about the Liberation of the Black Nation and the return of Afrika to the Afrikan or not, there is no middle ground, even your religion teach you that you must be Hot or Cold, any way else, you become disgusting and is Good For Nothing but to be identified to be the foolish Black Afrikan that we are, in taking such a position about the Divine Truth that reveal our conditional opportunity in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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