Chief Elder Osiris : Want Is A Disease That Prevent The Cure That Come From Need

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, it is obvious that Black people suffer from a very serious disease, a disease that infest the function of the Brain that determine the quality of Mind that will emerge from such a Brain function.

    Observe Black people and the Body Life Living condition we have been made to live , and the way Black people now function in Life is abnormal from the way Black people originally functioned upon this planet Earth, so obviously something happened to the circuitry of the Brain of Black people, to have us acting as we do today in the condition our lives have been made to live.

    Want in relationship to Life is a disease that affect the sense component of the Body Life which reduce the quality of Mind originating from the Brain which is functioning with a low circuitry of frequency, causing the Mind to be poorly functional and the end result that come from such a mental sickness is what cause the Mind to be more acceptable to a disease display of the senses that generate a Body Life Living based upon Want instead of Need.

    So a body Mind that does not function based upon Need but of Wants, is a Body Mind that is not healthy and is incapable of making Rational decisions that will be in the best interest of that Body Life, because Want is the disease that affect the Mind of the Body Life and will cause that Life to function based on all that it is capable of Looking at, instead of being able to See what it need to see that will inform you what you need to do to protect the Body Life, a Life that is not Living Freely and do not know and Understand what is in the best interest of the Body Life way of Living.

    So, when the Life of Black people living, is observed, it is apparent that Want has infected the Mind of Black people and it is Want that have Black people craving for those things in Life that serve to be a detriment to the Lives of Black People.

    So if your Mind has been the target of influence and the energy of that influence is coming from a profane Mind to be made to give the sense of your Body life, urges to Want that which is being looked at, then you place the Body Life in a Mental position of Danger, a danger that will not have the Body Life to be functioning with such a Divine Quality of Mind that will protect the way you live your Body Life, and without such protection, it leave that Body Life to be susceptible to all of the Profanity that flow through an infected Mind, caused by the infectious disease of Want.

    Wanting has no relationship with Freedom, Independence and a Sovereign of Life, Want have the Body Life to be depended upon everything the sense will have you to look at, touch, feel, taste, hear, and believe, and if such a Mind guide you to be under such sensual influence, absent of Divine Thought, then you are the property of such a Mental process that has been planted in such a low caliber of Mind function, a Mind that is controlled by Lucifer the Human Being.

    So it is no wonder why it is that Black people take counsel to be satisfied with the Body Life we Live, a Life that is based upon Want and not Need, because Want have you to believe all is well with the condition you are Living your Life in, and as your Life suffer, all you can believe about your Life condition is based upon what you want for your Life, and it is that disease want, that have your Life living striving for only what you are capable of looking at, and you believe that is what you want and is the best thing for your Life living condition.

    Such a condition being a life based upon the influence of others more so than your Body self that no longer Think its way through Life, nor have a Will of its own, nor make choices in Life for your Body Life self, but believe your way through Life with belief being an attribute of Want, the disease that has the Black Life in its present condition and acting to be satisfied in just pursuing the Life Living condition that such a low level of a Mind want for your Life.

    The Black Afrikan Haitians just as all of us Black Afrikans in the world today now suffering in our lives, they are acting in Time of Life crisis using the sense to Mind level of Want, and the way the Haitian People are acting toward their colonizing Master country, France, is a verification of a Mind that is diseased with Want, so much so, until it being to the level that they can not See what their Body Lives are in Need of, which is Freedom from the environment that represent our Ancestors Enslavement, which serve as a curse to our Enslaved Ancestors Children and will continue to be so as long as we remain in such an Environment that was an actual Hell for our Enslaved Ancestors, whose DNA never cease from longing to be taken Back Home to their mother and Father Land, Afrika.

    Want is Hell to the Black Life, our Enslaved Ancestors Knew what they Needed in Life, which was and is Freedom from the Devil Lucifer, the Human Beings of this World Evil and is Lord and Masters of the Black so call Afrikan Mind

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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