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Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by ladylibra, Aug 8, 2005.

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    question 1-

    do you feel threatened when your mate checks out the opposite sex? do you people watch together?

    ladies, this question is specifically for you (i don't know very many men who will do this) you point out attractive women to your man? do you do this b/c you know he's going to look anyway? if not, then why?

    i'll go first....

    when i have a mate i don't mind if he looks at beautiful women b/c i look too. however, i become annoyed if he's not discreet about admiring her beauty. in general, my mate looking at women does not bother me. women are so beautiful!

    question 2-

    how do you feel when someone else's mate admires you or your mate?

    when i have a mate he usually notices that women stare at me more than men but i miss this. i had one boyfriend say, "did you just see that lady? she almost tripped on the curb looking at you."

    if it's a brother with a white woman that's admiring me then it strikes a nerve and it really irritates me (don't know why...trying to figure it out).

    if it's a married/attached man...i get angry just b/c he's married.

    btw- i've been known to give my mate pictures of kitoy and serena LOL!
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    I know that my guy looks at other women because he has a deep appreciation for the female and the male form, no matter the age. He’s an artist and loves nudity because he says the human form is beautiful, no matter what age or whether it's clothed or naked. He admits that he sees the erotic as well as the artistic lines of an attractive female’s body. Since I’m an artist too, I often look at the woman too and we talk about things like that openly.

    When another woman admires him, I feel proud cause he is an appealing man in a lot of ways. When another man admires me, he sometimes has a slight problem dealing with it but it depends on how I respond to the other guy’s interest or just how interested the other guy is. I try to play it off as something other than sexual interest when another man is interested in me by saying the guy just likes talking with me or he’s interested in my art or something like that.
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    I think it's fine to admire a person's beauty, to a certain extent. If you're being outright rude about it, then there's a problem. There's no denying that there are good looking men and women that both sexes can appreciate, but do it with some class and respect. Acknowledge it and let it go.
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    retired computer geek
    north philly ghetto
    i'm nearsighted........

    i have to get right up on it.
    i've been known to wear one of those miners helmets with the high intensity light on the front.