Brother AACOOLDRE : Walter Williams: On the Koran & Hannibal

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    TO: WALTER WILLIAMS (B.1931 Chicago, ILL) [email protected]

    From: Andre Austin

    Subject: The Koran & Hannibal

    Dear Mr. Williams:

    I’m troubled to hear your lectures on the internet radio and youtube programs stating the present Koran only came into existence in 1919 written by some Paris Jews and that the African Hannibal is mythology. You are clearly have the waters of history muddled all up and twisted.

    Edward Gibbon wrote his masterpiece work of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire between 1776-1781. How can he quote from the Koran verses then that didn’t come into existence until the 1919 Jewish edition? Gibbon had stated “The enemies of Mohammed have named the Jew, the Persian, and the Syrian monk, whom they accuse of lending their secret aid to the composition of the Koran”.

    You say these Paris Jews started writing the Koran in 1870 coming out with it in 1919. Well just ask John Davenport who wrote a book: An Apology for Mohammad and the Koran in London in 1869. Then you gonna have to ask our third President of the USA Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) how he had the same Koran in his library that predated those Jews in Paris? I can answer for you with another quote from Gibbon:

    “The word of God and the apostle was diligently recorded by his disciples on palm-leaves and the shoulder-bones of mutton; and the pages, without order or connection, were cast into a domestic chest in the custody of one of his wives. Two years after the death of Mohammed the sacred volume was collected and published”.

    Muhammad died in 632AD and you think they waited around until 1919 from some Jews to come out with edition for them? Come on man! I can’t believe people are buying your books. But neither I’m a fan of the Arabs who have no appreciation of the Pyramids or Temples; but do salivate at the tourist bucks that come pouring in.

    Then you think Hannibal was mythology because of his long travel route with Elephants were impossible to feed them. **** haven’t you heard of military supply lines. You are the only person in history who came up with this. You are starting to make yourself company with another Nut who tries to equate Black American slavery to some Hyksos (Amorite) enslavement of Jews in in Genesis 15:13-16.

    Black people are misused and abused by everybody because we lack a foundation and roots in history.