Black People : Wall street Lobbyists sinking Washington

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    Now is the golden opportunity and time for us to en-masse remove our money from the large banks and put those funds in accredited and proven Black owned banks, we feel confident in and have researched.

    Wall Street Lobbyists Sinking Washington, Obama, Dodd: $400 Million to Kill Financial Reforms & Destroy America. Warning, They Are Winning The War!

    Posted By Paul Farrell On 03/12/2010 @ 8:10 am In POLITICAL POWER, Special Interest Lobbyists | 3 Comments

    Yes, Wall Street wins, again. Wall Street’s control America is a drama right out of a Scorsese film about the mafia and crime in New York. They bought off Chris Dodd, who’s capitulated to the darkside while “interviewing” for a million dollar job as a lobbyist. . They spent $400 million to kill financial reforms in Congress, to make absolutely sure the American public gets screwed, again … and in the process, they are setting up the next collapse. The big one. The dotcom crash didn’t do it. The subprime credit meltdown didn’t do it. What will? Another, bigger event … a combo of the “Collapse of the American Empire [1],” plus the “Great Depression II [2].”

    If financial reform ain’t dead, it’ll end up watered down to nothing. That was obvious in a recent Charlie Rose interview with financial reformer Elizabeth Warren in Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Outrage and Financial Reform [3]. Warren’s a Harvard Law School Professor chairing of the Congressional Oversight Panel. The panel was ”created in 2008 to monitor the Treasury’s bank bailout and to review the regulation of financial markets.” Wall Street hates any reform that would expose their insatiable greed fighting all financial reforms in America, especially the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). So Wall Street doesn’t like Warren much. Here are a few clips summarizing why she’s an Eliot Ness character they’d like to eliminate:

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