Black Poetry : Walkin Beauty my fair Lady


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
She walk in beauty sweet as night
she glide in da depth of day light
rock a sway tenderly mild
flash a glowin summer smile

Pose a exotic sexy twitch
send da mind into erotic bliss
cascading rapture of love
she's an angel from up above

Meet her aspect and her eyez
wit a fairy gleamming tidez
how pure and delightful in her place
where together we can share this space

Walkin deep in depth
took my heart as she sweap
wit a gentle kiss
how i lone to have da sis

One shade da more one ray less
pours her liquid love and body confess
moves in such radiant gloss
rollin , pushin wit soft touch
once our bodies clutch

She is da dream yet unknown
sings in rapture wit a flickering tone
took my heart as she continue on

She like goodness & grace
by da looks of her cute face
have me on twist & turn
yet my love continue to burn
as my inner soul still yearn

I know not of thee
and my love yet complete
for i feel only she
to make us a forever we

Tell me , come out whom u be
sweet lady please talk to me
i wanna keep u in da innocent of tyme
tell da world u truely mine

Is it love, am i blind
tell me lady can we shine
u da fantasy man lone
da soft voice by telephone

Call me up ! sing a song
i love yo tone baby yum
for da taste of ya love
sweet honey juices wit rubs

walkin on erotic glass
wit a sway built to last
i wanna know yo name
make good love and forever claim
yo beauty dat's as flames

tell me i wanna know , is it u
dat took my love
on da wings of doves

walkin beauty my fair lady
is u is art u my baby
wishin u is wishin u might
come to me this very night
:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :SuN014:
Let me first say that this piece was masterfully posed, playful, sweet, and erotic all at the same time.

I walk in beauty
because in me you see
a mirror vision
of your reality

It tis I who has captured
your soul, body, and mind
no sweeter love
can you possibly find

Yes, I am your baby
for I'm that lady fair
who walks in beauty
within the love that we share


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