Walk In A Brother's Shoes!

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    On another section of this Forum, the topic was Interracial Dating, and you may as well had said Interracial marriage. To be blunt, most BROTHERS have been silent on this topic.

    More of our sisters get 'upset' when they see a Black Man/White Woman scenario for dating and/or marriage, and are very verbal about this! However, WE are expected to KEEP SILENT when we see the White Man/Black Woman scenario for dating and/or marriage.

    I'd like to say that it don't matter to me. And, it don't matter to God. If you KNOW your Bible, on the subject of dating and/or marriage, God is CLEAR! Don't Date or Marry someone who is NOT a Christian if YOU are a Christian.

    I set my thoughts to verse on this...have a blast responding! It's already posted, and I'm posting it again...and I am the Original author--so, I've made a few editing improvements....


    Now folks and fam, let's put the guns and knives on the table,
    This 'Interracial Tale' has gotten some of us UNSTABLE!
    I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE after more than 480 years,
    This ONE TOPIC is the cause for so many TEARS AND FEARS!

    As a people, we're worth more than 680 Billion (and counting),
    Instead of 'worrying' we should shouting!
    We've beaten this horse until its dead--and glue!
    Now YOU take a walk in a Brothers' shoes!

    You see....

    Back in the Bible, we ALL came from the Motherland,
    This was part of God's Master Plan!
    Adam and Eve were the color of the earth;
    (White folk weren't though of...this is a subject of mirth!)
    Miriam Tried to put her lips on Moses,
    Was made a Leper--she was almost pushing up Roses,
    All because he married a Dark Skinned Queen,
    To God it was a joy, but to some it was obscene!

    If I remember my Bible right,
    Solomon and Sheba came out alright!
    They thought Paul was a Real Black Man,
    Didn't use Coppertone, had that 'natural' Hebrew tan!
    John on Patmos couldn't stay White;
    Heston, Douglass....nowhere in sight.

    Brothers love you with all their might;
    But on THIS issue, some of y'all ain't Right!
    You'll DOG a brother who dates/marries a White (or another raced) woman;
    But, SOME of you won't give him the time of day, when HE'S ready AND willing;
    He's working two jobs and going to graduate school,
    SOME of y'all think he's a FOOL!
    When HE'S ready to wed,
    He spies you in another culture's WEB!

    Put all the cards, out on the table, (whether its oak or cherry!)
    Why didn't y'all get mad at Halle Berry,
    with Travolta, Monster's Ball, and now a new Bond fable?
    (Could it be...you didn't WANT to see?)
    Her BLACK husband didn't stick around for cable,
    He walked out the theater, as quick as he could;
    Don't tell me where he 'Should' have stood!
    But, I won't be shocked if divorced papers were served;
    All because Halle was in her own little world.

    Roll Call....
    Roger Ebert has a BLACK wife,
    Diana Ross has been flirting...ALL of her life;
    What about Grace with Roger Moore?
    Gladys Knight left Les Brown,
    Now She's a Mormon Clown!
    Dionne Warwick, that Psychic Bore,
    So many others...Haven't got time for more!
    Sisters...If YOU ain't the 'property' of a Black Man, or Black Race;
    HE ain't YOURS, unless you waive his ring in our face!
    If NO BODY owns you, YOU CAN'T OWN!
    Getting mad and full of envy will put you in a HOME!

    You'll note...
    There are a few of You who want the BROTHERS to keep silent when some of y'all have been 'dating/marrying' white!
    You want the BROTHERS to be 'restrained' when you bag a Norweigan for the night!
    You want the BROTHERS not to be seen when you've dated Japanese or Korean!
    (Are you starting to get at my true, blue meaning?)

    Let us...Keep on....
    Walking in a Brother's Shoes....
    'If' we 'date/marry' white, some of y'all have the blues;
    'If' we 'date/marry' black, some of y'all have a fit;
    (Some y'all OUGHT to QUIT!)
    'If' we 'date/marry' red, some of y'all act like you've been bled;
    'If' we 'date/marry' yellow, some of y'all act like we're out our head!
    It's a big, big world, and oceans of blue;
    We should be saying: "If you find love...GOOD FOR YOU!"

    A Black Man will only go where he is invited;
    If he's not with you...SISTERS...don't GET excited!
    If you've got you OWN man, love him ALL the more;
    DON'T be worried about what goes on NEXT DOOR!
    From the posts and poems and words I've seen,
    Sisters are more upset with a Black Man's 'color scheme'
    If I may, be so BOLD!
    Love does not come with a COLOR CODE!

    (I'm heading for a close, here...)

    Put youself in a Brother's place...
    We've been PROPOSITIONED by EVERY race!
    Whistled at by women of every color,
    Hounded by women old enough to be our mothers,
    Called by girls from every sphere,
    (Some of them 'shaking it' beyond their years!)
    Chinese, Japanese, Italians from Rome;
    Thank GOD I'm married and I tell them to LEAVE ME ALONE!
    If you are a Male Black Teen's Mother,
    Your phone's been ringing off the hook, it won't let you slumber!
    ALL kinds of girls steadily calling,
    Sisters today are constantly trawling;
    YOU'D better teach HIM what girls to stay away from,
    And from ALL temptation, he'd better RUN!

    My Sisters...Like I said from the start...
    Take a walk in a Brother's shoes,
    Let the RIGHT MAN to you be true blue;
    Don't 'fake' concern for the 'strength' of the race,
    We've been here since the dawn of time and we ain't going no place;
    If YOU are concerned about who's dating The Black Man,
    DON'T play games if a BROTHER asks for your hand;
    Sure, some relationships DON'T work out,
    But, chalk it up to experience, please don't pout!
    And, if you feel the urge to beat the IR Horse...its DEAD...its GLUE!
    Please take the time to think....
    And Walk in a Brothers shoes!

    You see, We're linked by heritage...through and through!
    Who A Brother Date's shouldn't matter to you,
    (If your are Black...you shouldn't be Blue!)
    If your hand is empty, and there is no ring;
    Don't help God by having a fling!
    If you want a man, don't get uptight!
    He's gonna find you, if you are UPRIGHT!
    Be the best you can be, and he will too!
    When the time is right, he will find you!
    But when you feel envious, and tempted to sin;
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....Read my words AGAIN!

    Cause, it's ALL about LOVE

    Mike Ramey
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    i have some minor problems...

    i don't really have a problem with the interracial thing. i figure a man with a white woman ain't for me. i have too strong a personality for that. but i do see some problems it helps to perpetuate.

    i ilive here in MN, use to be capital of BM/WM (black men/white woman) relationships. black people, male and female from other cities and comment on the number of brothas with "pink toes". LOL! soon you'd see that same brotha with one himself.

    i mentioned on one of my posts that we would get disrespected by the white girls at the clubs and the brothas would allow it. i'll explain. here's a scenario, i'm at the club, kicking with my friends, a white girl slide into my next the bar, spilling my drink and burning me, my clothes with her cigarette. she doesn't say excuse me or even acknowledge me because she trying to get next the brotha next to me. he is feeling flattered that this white woman is aggressively after him. they think i'm kicking her asz because she's with the black guy. :) i'm upset because this "woman" just disrespected me and didn't feel the need to apologize. and why should she, the black man is there smiling in her face.

    i guess another reason i have a problem with the BM/WM thing. i guess some brothas don't remember when they use to get accused, hanged, beaten because some white woman cried "rape". but only after her invitation to meet her in the woodshed.

    i know personally, several black men who had children with black woman, bad talk the black woman, never been there for the black woman, then end up marrying a white woman and providing her with more stability than he afforded his black children and woman.

    think about the psychological problem this can have on black woman and black men. for black women in this country it is easy to suffer from low self-esteem and worthlessness. america really sees our beauty and the black men seem to excuse it as well. many of us alter our natural state, handed down from our mother's who wouldn't dare let us go out with our hair looking "nappy".

    he talk about not having a sense of family in our communities. hard to do when the black men aren't around. and some of us aren't insisting that the father's of our children be there for us, but for their children.

    how can a village raise a child when they are running off to tend to someone else's kingdom.
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    Thad: A village CAN'T raise a child!

    Thad: Great to hear from you! However, I too have a few problems:

    1) A village CAN'T raise a child in America! There are legal rammifications (these days) if you attempt to discipline some one else's child! Just ask ANY well-meaning Black Teacher, Police Officer, Judge, or Black Professional how many times they have been threatened with legal sanctions (if not an outright butt-kicking) by idiodic parents who don't WANT anyone else to discipline their kids.

    2) The village concept is NOT scriptural. We will EACH stand before the Lord on what WE did as Individuals...not as a Village.

    3) Discipline only works if someone WANTS to receive it.

    Now, having said that, let me go to the self-esteem thing: Being a Black Man over the age of 'young dirt' (and dirt is millions, and millions of years old LOL) the whole concept of self-esteem was INVENTED over the last 12 years...just like Ritalin. Self-esteem is a MYTH invented to sell more 'meds' to our kids! Back in the day, your parents didn't care about your self-esteem...your butt did what it was told! Ramey don't play that!

    Next, I live in Indiana...in Naptown. When you get to the state line, at the tone, turn your watch back, 25 years! I have a MAJOR problem with White men dating Black Women, but hey, if HE throws covers with her, that's HIS problem, and HER problem, not mine...nor is it any of my business!

    If you want to find the true, Great White North, cmon to Indiana! We've got auto racing, rednecks, and Coppertone this weekend. But, (and I repeat myself) I don't have a say in anyone else's relationship, except to give advice! I don't throw covers with em, so...like they say..."Son, you're ON your OWN!"

    However, I have enough sanity, and pride in my race to realize that I AM Black History because I AM Black, and a BMW (Black Man Working!). As Tony Brown once said: "OUR problem is we RUN from WHO WE ARE while other races embrace who THEY are and know success!"

    Great to hear from you, and all the fam!

    Mike Ramey:toast:
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    well stated