Black Hebrew Israelites : Wake up men of Israel


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Feb 26, 2013
You are lying, if you did you would want to keep his laws which you are not.

Again, you are speaking foolishly, don't you know in the scriptures that the Israelites are gonna rule the earth, that's just a username, your problem is that you don't see your brothers and sisters as Kings and Queens of the earth, its not your fault.

Again you are unlearned talking about things you don't know, making you sound foolish and ignorant.
if you were learned you'd know that revelation 1:14-15 it depicts Christ like that, this is simply a reference picture of what Christ would like according to that scripture, but I guess in your mind white Jesus running wild therefore this picture shocks and offends you.

I have nothing else to say to you other than to repent and start to learn something good, you keep using word that you have no knowledge about. Repent and stop being an unlearned rebellious woman.

I know I said I'd get gone, which I will, but I should clarify belief; His Name isn't "Jesus", and I know He isn't white; I know how He was described in the Book of Revelation, but that's where it should stay, to the book, not as a man-made picture which couldn't capture half His Glory.

I'm not being rebellious, so stop saying that; and I know my brothers and sisters are Kings and Queens, but that's to come and has not been ordained as of yet, we are but still servants and handmaidens.

I know you think I'm unlearned and being an unlawful gal, but that's where you are putting in an opinion as opposed to truth. But I won't harass; I just needed to explain.


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Dec 20, 2004
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