Black People : Wake Up Black Afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Wake Up Black Afrikan People, Time To Face The Reality Of Our Presence In This World!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Fear is meant only for children and now the oppressed Black Afrikan people have been made to behave like a child and the child has not the responsibility of an adult, which is to protect the child from all of their fears.

Today the Black Afrikan World is without a protector and the Black Afrikan people suffer from a lack of Divine Leadership, as we wait on a God we know not a **** thing about and today Black Folks suffer from the weight of a Religious belief that tells us to place all of our trust in Lucifer Religious God for "HE" will take care of our Every Need, Black Afrikan people not knowing that such a promise was not meant for the Black Afrikan Race of a Divided Nation, the sign of our fears and weakness is now upon us without shame and a shameless people is a dependent people.

What we are witnessing today in Real-Time is the changing from the old to a New World Order of Lies and deceit, a power grab right in the face of a made to be dependent believing world conducted by opposing oligarch factions, none has any care of respect for the Black Afrikan people who now are caught up in the fight for world dominance by opposing factions of the oligarchs.

Go Home Black Afrikan People Wherever We Are for it is in the place call Afrika is where your power resides the moment you reclaim the Soul ( Divine Mind ) of your Black Afrikan self, but that journey requires that such a trip demand that you have in our possession the Debt owed by the Criminal United States Of America, Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and there is no more of a Divine Time for the Black World to Unify to become organized for the purpose of having Freedom, Justice, and Independence to revisit Mother Afrika and Black Afrikan Divine Universal Beings in control of the Soul of our Black Self.

Only if the Soul Of Black Folks has returned in Divine Fashion will we be qualified to innerstand the Divine Mission required of our Blackness to perform, such be the power of our relationship to the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence Of All things that live in the physical and appear not to be physical.

You will not be qualified to Innerstand This I share with you Black Afrikans if your Soul is not Free for it is Freedom that is our Salvation to be in Afrika using all that is required for Black Afrikan people to do to be able to return to the Home of our Mother and Father, on this planet, it is referred today as Afrika, beloved.

The only safety for Black Afrikan people is to use the power of rejection, but such power is only available to the Black soul who knows What God Is And what the responsibility is of an oppressed people now scattered to the four Cardinal points of this Earth planet living as a Divided Unorganized believing Black Dependent Afrikan people a recipe for self-destruction by default, beloved.

Snap out of the Love Everybody syndrome Black Afrikan people and make your Black self available to use common sense and to learn again about the Reality of your Presence in a World control by ritualistic blood sacrificing Gender crossing, pedophile Oligarchy Luciferian Human Being whose goal is to never allow the Black World ever to rise again because they are aware of their subordination to the Divine Cosmic Black Universal Being potential of discovering the Divine Truth about our relationship to Life physical Being Living in Distant Galaxy that is of the same physical Template that reveals the Nature of the Black Divine Universal Beings.

This is no act of presenting grandiose self-aggrandizement about the Black self, it is the Divine Truth about the Nature of the Black Being in this world now under the control of the evil soul of Beings who is highly intoxicated on wanting the reputation of being a superpowerful Luciferian Human Being and the only way that can be is to be in control of the soul of Black Afrikan people on this earth planet and to do that they know they must be in control of the Soul of the Divine Black Beings who has lost all knowledge of our self being in relationship to the Infinite Dark Spatial Universal Intelligence.

Look around you Black Afrikan people and free your soul so you can see the reality of what is happening to you today, you have been made to have no desire to be free and independent, you have submitted to the Luciferian Doctrine that have you believing it is normal to be with a " Want" to be included in the society of the soul ( Mind ) of Lucifer, evil and deceiving it is to the Black Divine Beings who have forsaken their Natural Divinity and now confess to being a member of the Luciferian Human Being World, living at the base of the pyramid structure of Lucifer social-economical world.

There is nothing conspiracy about knowing your oppressors, enough has been revealed about that Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being, knowing the true nature of your oppressors, they have shown to you the nature of their soul in performance toward Black Afrikan people and with the experience, Black Afrikans have generated from the spirit of Lucifer, there should be no hesitation coming from Black Afrikan people about our need to become organized for the sake and safety of the Black Afrikan world.

To be Black is to know the nature of your Blackness and the experience it has endured at the hand of belief and not knowing and to believe is LUCIFER CODE TO DECEIVE, and Lucifer Religion set upon the foundation of believing, which serve as a demon to the soul of Black Afrikan people.

Black people today in the midst of the COVID-19 threat to death, we act as if to be living in suspended animation waiting to be offered up at Lucifer ritual ceremony of blood sacrifice showing no will of determination to resist the instruction being issued out by Lucifer telling you how to live and behave toward COVID-19, when in fact COVID-19 has been programmed to kill, making all well advanced in age and with underlined health ailments, making the most oppressed people be an easy target for that killer virus.

Now is the time Black Afrikans should be expressing insubordination to the instruction given by a people with a history of Enslaving and disrespecting Black Afrikan people right to live, there should be revolution effort to free the soul and organize the spirit to be in full gear of determination to organize to be one active Black Nation with a determination to secure Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to demand without hesitation the Reparation/Repatriation America and her surrogates owe to our Enslaved Ancestors and there is not one day there should not be an action of demand for Freedom, Justice, and Independence for our Enslaved Ancestors to be in Afrika.

If the soul of Black Afrikans is not for such action of determination, then woe is to the Black Afrikan World who weaken the spirit of Black folks making the soul of Black Afrikans be submissive to that racist Unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being!!!

We Black Folks are not living in every day time, we live in today time to act in the Divine Interest of Black Afrikan people with a soul set on being in control of Mother Afrika and with a Goal of Freedom, Justice, and Independence living in a United States Of Afrika Government, In Afrika.

Divine Respect


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