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    Waiting For The Change We Want And Never Acting To Get The Change We Need

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know most Black people claiming to be well educated become self evident that you can not Divinely reason with ignorant intelligence, because it is such a flawed intelligence that is grounded in want and belief, and the sad part about it is, it is such ignorant intelligence that have the most influence upon the Mind of the rank and file of Black people.

    Those Black people being the innocence among us, yet they stand to be the solution to solving the problem of Black people, if they are ever given the respect of being told the Divine Truth about those Black people with ignorant intelligence, they that are influencing them to want what they are influenced to believe about our Black selves.

    It is the ignorant intelligence of Black so call educated, political, professional, and religious leaders, that are responsible for the rank and file way of life, even when the rank and file of our people know that the way we live at such a low economical and socializing level, that such a life to be lived is not joyful to them, but because of the way the Mind of the rank and file of Black people been condition to place all of their trust in those who have the appearance of success, they live their lives under the influence of liars and deceivers, they with an appearance that look just like them.

    There is nothing or no one, that can be more of a detriment to the lives of the rank and file of Black people, than Black people guided by their ignorant intelligence, teaching the rank and file of Black people, that it must become their desire to want and believe their way through life, instead of desiring what is needed to know about their lives, that which will build the courage to have confidence in ourselves, instead of being driven by the influence coming from the ignorant intelligence of those Black people whose Mind has been captured to become under the influence of Lucifer deceiving ways, when the target is Black people.

    It make no difference what your social, economic, political, educated, professional, and religious position might be, if you are Black, then you are a target of Lucifer and if your Mind is not that of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, then you are a candidate to be infused with ignorant intelligence, as it serve as a fact that you have completed the indoctrinated process of Lucifer, and has graduated to become agents of Lucifer, sent out to evilly deceive and lie to the rank and file of Black people, the people capable of bringing about the Liberation of Afrika and causing the reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So not until those of us claiming to be ascending back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that Think, and is motivated and guided by knowing what is needed to bring peace and joy to the sovereign of life of Black Afrikan People, not until then, will there ever be a Divine change to come to the life of Black Afrikan People.

    The Ignorant Intelligent Black people are those that influence the rank and file of Black people to wait on the change that they have been told to want, and to believe is coming to them, if only they they will have faith mixed with hope, for the Black life change of condition today.

    They are never taught to get up and go into action to get what the Black life should know it need, in order to cause a Divine change to take place in Afrika and to the Lives of the Black Afrikan people.

    Wanting and believing is the slayer of the life of the Black Afrikan People!!!

    The rank and file of Black people are taught, that it is Jesus that motivate the intelligent ignorance of Black people, they that influence the rank and file of Black people, to just want, and to believe what you want, is best for your life, and that Jesus will supply your every want in life.

    The rank and file Black people are told to have faith in those ignorant intelligent Black people, and hope that those ignorance intelligent Black people, they who hold convincing influence in the life of the rank and file Black people, believing that they will deliver to their lives what they have been conditioned to believe they want to be the change to come to their lives.

    There is no greater evil that instill within the mind of the rank and file of Black People, to live a life based upon want instead of need, and to believe rather than to know what is the Divine change needed to cause the Black life to rise out from the dungeon of want and belief, and come to stand proud in the company of knowing and need, the path that lead to the Liberation of Afrika and to the reunification of the Black Afrikan People.

    The salvation, Liberation, rest in the action of the sisters and brothers on the ground, they who must come to know that they must be led and influenced by the power of knowing what is needed to bring about the collection of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the Ark of the Black World Salvation, Liberation, Independence, and sovereignty of the Black Life in Afrika.

    Such will not happen until the influence of the ignorant intelligence of the Black agents of Lucifer, is removed from the Mind presence of the rank and file of the sisters and brothers on the Ground, having instilled within their Mind, not the Human Being Mind, that Afrika is for the Afrikan and the unity of a Black Nation is to take place in Afrika, and that is the Divine Change Black Afrikans are in need of experiencing today.

    Beloved, I am well aware that there are Black People who is incapable of acknowledging the Divine Truth, the power of Mind manipulation and reconditioning to believe and want its way through life, stand to serve as a stumbling block to being able to respect the Divine Truth.

    So those Black people, well endowed with the ignorant intelligence of their master teacher, Lucifer, they no more good to themselves than to those of our rank and file Black Afrikans, they that have come to be of greater influence in the lives of the rank and file Black Afrikans, and now serve to be the major cause for the present living condition and the way Black people believe today about a change that is introduced by those intelligent ignorant Black people.

    The so call Black Nationalist Garveyites must also bear the blame for the mental condition of our rank and file Black people, our warriors on the ground of whom we have abandoned and leave them to become influenced by the ignorant intelligent of the flawed educated among us Black people.

    Never did the Honorable Marcus Garvey surrender to the ignorant intelligent Black people of his day, he took them on, letting them know that his Love for Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, is what move him to defend, protect, and teach to them, that which the Rank and file Black folks,not want, but need to learn about our Black selves and about Afrika.

    So it was the power of knowledge coming from that Black Man name Garvey, that put to flight the ignorance of intelligence that was present in his Time and never did he back down from defending the Divine Truth, which he knew that the rank and file of Black Afrikan people was and is entitle to hear again, about their Mother Land, Afrika, and about the need for the Black Afrikan Nation to be Reunited Again

    So, today the Divine Truth appear once again, meant to be served to the rank and file of Black people, the warriors on the ground, they that hold the Freedom of Liberation, which is based upon the knowledge of themselves, which will move them to act in the best interest of themselves, and Afrika, and the Black Divided Nation.

    The result being, Afrika becoming in the possession of the Afrikan, and a Divided Black Afrikan Nation, becoming Reunited again, in Afrika.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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