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    John Mbiti's book, African Religion and Philosophy begins with this statement, "Africans are notoriously religious".

    The Akan tradition is the traditional culture of the Akan of Ghana, W. Africa. The Akan are also in Togo.
    Akan spirituality is similar to Yoruba, in terms of the cosmogony.
    There is Almighty God (Onyame, or Nyame, or Onyankopon). A meaning of the popular adinkra symbol, the Gye Nyame, is "God is Omnipotent".

    "If you want to speak to God, speak to the wind"
    "If an evil minded person knocks over your cup, God will fill it up for you."
    - Akan proverbs

    The deities (abosum) are intermediares, in the way that people may offer a prayer to a angel or saint. They are the intermediares between us and Onyame. The deities assist us. The priests (okomfo) are the interemediares. They are taught how to communicate with the abosum. People come to the okomfo for assistance.
    Also, we acknowledge the ancestors (nsamafo). Every 40 days, we have Holy Sunday (Akwesidae) where we make a meal for them and offer prayers to them. Our last Akwesidae was March 28.

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