Black Spirituality Religion : W. African Spiritual Event NYC & Reading for 2006

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    Please feel free to forward this invite along.

    NY - Akan Religion Festival, Saturday. January 7, 2006

    Onipa Abusia, an Akan religious and cultural organization, invites you
    to our festival for the deity (abosum) Nana Asuo Gyebi (Ah-ser Jehbi).
    The Akan tradition is the traditional culture and religion of the Akan
    people of Ghana, West Africa.

    Nana Asuo Gyebi is one of the principal deities of the Akan.
    He is a healer and protector, he is just and benevolent.
    He helps all those who seek his aid.

    Join us in this celebration of Akan spirituality.
    Admission is free. Refreshments will be served following the festival.
    Your offerings (Gordons gin, fruit, cloth, money ), and prayers to
    Nana Asuo will be received following the festival.

    Onipa Abusia's Reading for the Year 2006 will be read at the festival.

    Date - Saturday January 7, 2006 - 8pm
    For those outside of NYC, there will be a bus traveling to New York
    from Washington, DC. Your cash payment of $45.00 will reserve your seat.
    For info please contact Okomfo Akua Duku at (202) 529-3635, or
    [email protected] or [email protected] or

    ONIPA ABUSIA - 92-15 172nd St, Jamaica NY between Jamaica & 93rd Aves

    Directions – “E” or “J” train to Parsons and Archer (last stop) Bus 54 or
    56 on Jamaica Ave. to 170th, then walk to 172nd
    Or 110 on Jamaica (in front of Old Navy) to 172nd
    “F” train to 169th - walk down 169th to Jamaica Ave., left to172nd
    NO pork or cola products permitted.
    For further information call 718 658-2600 or 718 525 4633.
    Or send an email to [email protected]

    For more info on Onipa Abusia and Akan tradition, visit our website or send an email to [email protected]

    Onipa Abusia maintains and preserves the traditional culture and
    spiritual practice of the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa, which was
    established in America by the late Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu I, founder
    of the Dinizulu African Dancers, Drummers and Singers.

    Onipa Abusia - furthering African traditional religious practice.