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Dec 19, 2005
The trees look especially happy today
And the wind plays a familiar song
The birds whistle love in their heartbeats
And I tasted the sun's sweet smile when I kissed it
But who is celebrating this?
These monuments of peace go unnoticed
As we turn our heads to more interesting things
Like war and bloodshed
Mama, please I just want to rest my head
On a ground that hasn't been fought for
Listen to sounds that didn't involve
Screaming in the night or torture in the day
Now that's what we celebrate...entertainment for the ego
Sideshows of corporate and blue collar men claiming victory
Condoning history where we have stolen, killed and plagarized
As the Earth soaks up crimson,
Heaven soaks up victims and
Now we're stuck in the middle with the leftovers
Bodies of children to cry over
Mothers of millions who've died over...nothing
I kill you, you kill me
Tends to be the popular solution
Hatred for the color of another's skin
Slits the throat of the next generation
We wait for the end times but for some
Everyday is Armageddon
Differences in religion
Can crucify an entire continent
Reminiscent to bad relationships like
Romans and Christians
The poor and politicans
We slaughter cultures and ethnicities
To get glorified recognition
Take a look at the history books
And see how there is no promise of a better future
We explored and tore through lands
Stripped nature from it's virtue
Took tribes by the hand
And told them, "we won't hurt you"
If I want your territory
I'll intrude into your country without a condom
Force myself to be your husband
And beat you so good until Freedom is a contradiction
Because living freely is expensive
Explosives caused men to live without appendages
Because they fight for the priveleges
That we take for granted everyday
I just want to lay my head in peace
Not hear the noise of revolutions, civil wars and genocides
Universal rage that stores memories in my mind like
Complex designs of
Vietnam, World Wars, and scars on colored skins
European tyranny, communistic reality
And the boogeyman of dictatorship hides in my closet
Fireworks go off in deserts that are not for celebrations
Grenades are nightlights used for those dark situations
Weapons of mass destruction flow in the human bloodstream
For our nature lives a dream to cause nightmares of death
So if you take a deep breath
You can smell the ageless abortions of shores like Africa
Where lives are always ripped too early from their motherland
Dirty hands of the third world reach out to clouded skies
But their cries are ignored by our clouded vision
Soon the seven seas will emerge into eight
Because all of their tears will have to go somewhere
Winning only comes after millions have suffered and died
It comes after selfish needs and greedy desires
Stormy weather and human-made bonfires
Bloody faces and disastrous places
Wounds, weapons, and young boys sent to heaven
Winning comes after everyone loses something
So to me, that's not a victory at all
Peace makes the trees look especially happy today
Love makes the wind play that familiar song
Truth makes the birds whistle that tune from their heartbeats
And happiness makes the sun's smile taste so sweet
If we take a minute to pause and listen
We will hear what we really need to celebrate
Proof of victory is right in our face
When we realize how God is still great

Copyright 2008
So much I love about this piece. Where to begin? I like the way you began and ended this piece, with the peace that we often take for granted. You painted the colors of war so brightly, so we could see the pain. The pace of this piece, and the way you placed your rhymes, just added to it's intensity. You're quite a talented scribe.
YESSSS!!!!!!!! Oh YES!!!!!!
I just want to lay my head in peace as well
Once we all desire that, maybe it will come
GOD has been very good to us
Are we the only ones that seek
Are we the Only ones that seek
his Peace?
on this earth
Heaven on earth
I know that saying
But people nowadays
Don't even like praying:(
I want it All back
No more W-A-R
Study This Nomore

Flow On
Truth all in it bro
us the greatness is still there

as supported by your last line

i really liked this part

As the Earth soaks up crimson,
Heaven soaks up victims and
Now we're stuck in the middle with the leftovers

you said a mouthful and some

i appreciate the depth and passion

texas soldier



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