Black People : Vulgar and Profane language usage

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    Beloved One:

    Now, I am fully aware that the Black life goes through MUCH, and sometimes we just WANT(operable) word to just get our CUS on to express the pain and suffering. But do we really NEED to do so?

    I recall a few nights when I got up in the dark and stumped my toe, I almost let it all out, profane/vulgar words. I had to retrain my mind-set to say something else or Bite/bridle my tongue.

    I know that there is no way to avoid hearing this type of language unless one becomes a hermit, or separate yourself from those who speak a whole paragraph of these words.

    I Am seeking the logic, reasoning, Over standing when using Profane/Vulgar words?
    Is it necessary?
    Did Our Divine Ancestors use such language?
    Is this type of language the Attributes of the Divine we call God, Harmony, Order, and Balance?
    Is there Truth in speaking profane/vulgar language?
    Does it vex anyone True Spirit to even hear these words?
    What gain is there in using vulgar/profane language?

    Many of us know that the English language is a profane language? Why do we give it more energy by using the words, FU, SH, BullS, MotherF...and the likes of?

    Should we be saving this energy to CHANT, the calling on our Ancient Ancestors, the forces of the Cosmic Univeser/Nature to come to our AID?

    I read somewhere where it says that those who use such language to communicate are not intelligent enough to know and use words to define what they say.

    Have I ever used these words. I most certainly have, long ago. My two Elder aunts taught me how to use these words when I was a child. As a child, when I spoke the profane/Vulgar words, my Spirit did not vibe right. When I visited my aunts house all they did was use these words and their children did too.

    As much as I am grateful for the Information Beloved Bobby Hemmitt gives us, It is so difficult for me to sit under his teaching listening to him use profane/vulgar language. I will never pay to listen to his or anyone lecture if I have to listen to profane/vulgar language. Is this the only way we can keep others attention?

    I think it was Queen goddess Maya Angelou, who said he posted a sign in her home stating that no profane/vulgar language and no racial jokes allowed in her house. I posted signs in my home saying no profane/vulgar language. People saw the sign and still continue to speak profane/vulgar language, so I avoid them now.

    People I speak to on the telephone Know I do not care for this type of language, and yet seem to forget and use it anyway. Some catch themselves and apologizes. It is said that if we hear something often enough we will believe it. we can hear something so often until it Saturates in our minds. There was times when I would awaken and profane/vulgar language is what I heard in my mind, after speaking to others who use the language. It was becoming difficult for me to mentate/meditate.

    There was one occasion I had three calls in a row from others, and all of them used the profane/vulgar language. Like alcohol test, it is ZERO tolerance with me and this language usage.

    I recall seeking a Surgeons advice about performing surgery on my finger. The surgeon took a telephone call in my presence. When he hung up the phone he said godD to whatever he ws discussing on the phone. I looked at him and I declined to have the surgery by him.

    If something went wrong in surgery and all he can say is godD, he was not the one for me.

    As a true THINKING Afrikan Queen goddess, it is our duty to eloquently equip our Afrikan King gods/Queen goddesses/children with the most vital and essential tools and weapons that will strengthen our Afrikan male/Womb genders/children. The eloquent WORDS of Power, from the Queen goddesses lips, are to:

    Encourage, Equip, and Motivate each other, For Iron Sharpens Iron.

    As I listen to Speakers who speak Truth, with Charisma, those are the most kissable lips of Truth I have ever seen, no mater what the shape and size of the lips. When I hear those who speak profane/vulgar language, I often wonder which end they are speaking from.

    Warriors how do you interpret the below?

    We Christians can be polite even when we are cursing each other out.
    We Catholics can be polite even when we are cursing each other out.
    We Muslims can be polite even when we are cursing each other out.
    We who are Yoruba can be polite even when we are curing each other out.

    My input:

    How can you "curse" someone out politely? I admit that I have been drawn into profane confrontation and ALWAYS feel filthy and inner-shame for laying my Spirit down.

    At the core, vehement dis-agreement is about control, and believing that we possess the power to shape and force others to accept our world-view, opinions and thoughts and adopt them as the "universal" truth. This is illusion. When logic and reason is not gaining sway, then the argument degenerates to emotional appeal. When emotion does not produce the desired response/submission then violence is the last resort of force.

    Cursing someone out and engaging in that type of discourse is like two positively-charged batteries butting-ends, there is friction, loss of energy and both lose their power. The useless loss of energy powers nothing, and is wasted.

    We can engage in courteous discourse with one-another, but "cursing" someone is just that -proffering negative pronouncements (judgments, poxes, wishing bad-things) upon them, and that in no-way can be perceived as 'polite'.

    Truth needs no defense, only those who find themselves on the wrong side of it.

    Black Men, when you hear a Womb Gender (female) use this language, how does it affect you?

    Do you desire to have children from such a womb gender, who should be building up a child and her own vocabulary using words that have power?

    Womb genders, when you hear the men using this language, how does it affect you?

    Do you desire to have children from a man who too should be doing the same?

    How does it affect us to hear our own children speak this way? When in the public, are they not the reflection of what goes on in the home?

    In the Old West, some words was seen as fighting words. How close are we to fighting physically another after using these words? Divine or undivine?

    The tongue-Mind is full of deadly poison, and only a few people are qualified to carry a tongue-mind with Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    How can we say we are Divine, when we do not dress our Soul-Mind with all that is Divine? Are we lying to ourselves when we do not have on the Whole armor of that which is Divine Order, inside and out.

    Should these Words be used only in Wars?

    If we are not building up, we are tearing down.

    Some one tell me I am wrong about this, and I will delete this post.

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    you are absolutely right goddess,although we as humans do use a curse word[yes i'm guilty]but we should be able to think on the fly when such anger comes up in us,what bothers me is when a person young or old uses such language in every other word said[how sad]which says to me that he or she has a very limited vocabulary.
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    Beloved Mighty warrior Oldiesman writes:when a person young or old uses such language in every other word

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yes beloved that vexs my Spirit too.

    When we realize that we are not just Human only, and know the Divine reality of who we are, we can be what is called Born Again, through the Sacred Womb of Our Soul Mind, which renews our Mind-thoughts, getting rids of old habits...and the likes of.

    There must come a time when we must know and Be Thy Divine Soul-Mind, rising up from the TOMB of the old that kept us dead.

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    retired computer geek
    north philly ghetto

    i enjoy cursing and i am quite good at it.
    i plan to continue doing it.