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That is not true.

DNA can be taken from bone and teeth.

Cells degrade over time. However, each cell has a copy of your DNA. Therefore, if you have enough cell samples you can fill in the gaps of the degraded DNA with other sequences where that missing or degraded spot is still in tact.

Again... Calloway doesn't know what he's talking about because he's NOT A SCIENTIST.

He is coming at the question from a biased perspective and manipulating information to justify his conclusions. That is not science! In science the whole point is that you can start off with a hypothesis but you're supposed to try to disprove it in order to reach a scientific conclusion. What Dane does is the opposite of the scientific method. And there is a reason why we have this method. Because it works. If you do the opposite then you can "prove" any idea you can ever think of simply because you reject anything that disproves it.

This is the main difference between how you and I consume information. You don't make anyone "prove" what they say because their methods of "proving" it are unscientific. And that's enough for you because you haven't made yourself familiar enough with the scientific method enough to realize why it's so important and effective. I hope that one day you will do this so you can establish a higher standard of truthfulness in what you believe and accept to be true.

And I'll say it again. Dane Calloway is a FRAUD. And if he would like to prove otherwise he can post his qualifications and bonafides.

My DNA is back where it should be.

You are a fraud. Go bother someone who cares. Because EDGAF!


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