Black People : Voting Rights Act being used for whites in Mississippi

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    Voting Rights Act being used for whites in Mississippi
    09:53 PM CDT on Tuesday, May 2, 2006

    Associated Press

    The Justice Department is turning the 1965 Voting Rights Act around in a Mississippi case. For the first time, Justice officials are using the law to allege racial discrimination against whites.

    The law – The Voting Rights Act was written to protect racial minorities in the 1960s when Mississippi and other Southern states enforced segregation.

    The allegations – Ike Brown, head of the Democratic Party in Mississippi's rural Noxubee County, is accused of tactics including intimidation and coercion against white voters and candidates. Also named in the lawsuit is Circuit Clerk Carl Mickens, who has agreed to refrain from rejecting white voters' absentee ballots considered defective while accepting similar ballots from black voters.

    What Mr. Brown says – "They've been trying to target me for years, the attorney general and all them, because we're so successful," the 52-year-old said. "Hey, if you're a failure, nobody will mess with you. But we're successful in east Mississippi."

    What's next –The federal case is scheduled for trial this fall.
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    bogus application; :getout:

    further, this case was brought before the courts because one of the few remaining white politicians in that area (Brother Brown has been very busy seeking to fill the ranks with Black politicians ... in an area that is 69% Black) got upset because Brother Brown went out of the area to find a Black politician to run against him!:juggle: unfortunately, that politician did not meet residence requirements.

    to my mind, it's a bogus twist that shows how desperate "certain people" are to keep us back. one can only put so much pressure on something before it :explode: explodes.