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    Please, please, please GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

    If you experience any problems, here are some immediate support resources:

    888-DEM-VOTE: is for anyone who may be receiving what appears to be annoying robo-calls from a democratic nominee. What happens (at ungodly hours, it appears to be a nominee’s recorded message. However, if you do not listen to the call in its entirety (you jam on it), the system will automatically keep calling you back. The intent is to get you so annoyed at the candidate that you would not vote for her/him. However, if you were to listen to it in total, you would hear at the end that it is actually a smear call from the apposing party. This is illegal in some states. So, call it in if it happens to you, and be sure to get the name (if it mentions it) of the “funding supporter” of the message.


    866- OUR-VOTE
    or for any general problems at the voting location (i.e., claims of inappropriate identification, not being listed on their records, etc.)

    ---------------------------------------------- if you take your phone cameras, video recorders, etc. You can send any suspicious improprieties to them.


    Other contact resources include:

    866-MY VOTE1
    888-VOTE TIP

    I’ll get back with you beautiful people later. For now, let’s all do our part to get this thang back on track. Post this info on poster board and hang it in your polling stations; and/or make fliers and hand them out to people as they enter the polling station. Also, if there is a wait of more than 20 minutes at your location, PHONE IT IN IMMEDIATELY!