Black Women : vote '08 does gender trump loyalty?


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Feb 22, 2004
The press is TRYING to say that Clinton leads Obama in the SO CALLED polls (ain't no body asked me ish!).

I did hear that some or maybe many who knows? black females are voting for clinton #2.

My question is would you as a female rather vote a European women into office or Barak Obama?

I think these polls are to divide us so I place no faith in stats, but I have heard some women say theyd vote for clinton.
Well, I know my mom for certain is voting for Clinton. I had planned to vote for Obama seeing as how he would be possibly the first Black president, but then I researched his stance on certain key issues that are important to me , and realized that he is not someone I would support, but neither is Hillary. Sorry. Anyways, seeing as there are no candidates worthy of my time, I have opted not to vote at all.:em2700:
jamesfrmphilly said:
is there a black person running?

:D :D :D

Hilary may address issues that other women relate too - but she'll always be a white looking with a white priveledged perspective.

Obama is Black - He may address Black issues, or not - but he will always be heard as a Black man - he will always be addressed as a Black man. Even if we love to hate him (which i dont) the issues of the Black American populace will always be an undertone when he is in power. As a result, there will be little to buffer the issues of the Black American from the world - in and out of the US (who kinda believe everything is "hunky dory" between the races of the USA) - which in turn may set off a long chain of events.. and you know? it cant get much worse that where it's been. Vote Obama - win/win.


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