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Sep 27, 2005
Great Start

Voudoun is but a general offshoot that specifically links to The Sibyls.

Voudoun and Catholism are so closely linked so as not to be a coincidence. Connection2.htm

Once I began thinking outside the box soon realized that this practice though powerful in not the nefarious demon that Western Civilization makes it out to be...

Hey everyone,

Since as of late there has been a lot of going back and forth regarding religion, I thought I'd see if anyone ever heard of the book entitled, "Voodoo Seasons," by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It was given to me by my stepmother, and the story has a pretty good plot. What stuck out to me in the piece was how there was a conflict within the main character, as well as her ancestors from Haiti with Voodou, and Catholicism. About how the religions merged, though they were different, and similar at the same time. The main character struggles within herself about who to worship, and how many of the things in both religion are reminiscent of each other. In the end she comes to the conclusion that she will honor both, because both are responsible for the person she is. What are you're feelings about this?

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