Law Forum : Volusia County Deputies Actually Kill White Carjacking Suspect Who Shoots K-9 Deputy In The Head

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    Great day in the morning. They must have really hated this guy because they broke so many department policies I can't believe they're all not fired. However FDLE as usual will rubber stamp this "Clusterf*ck" as a justified shooting.

    1. Just the fact that AIR-1 was the point unit in this chase not one car should've been within 1/8 mile of this vehicle since he was already shooting out the window at them.

    2. If a suspect flees into the woods you don't shoot indiscriminately into the area in a vain attempt to shoot something you can't see.

    3. If you are the lead K-9 unit in the chase and the suspect who's been shooting at you from the vehicle flees into the woods you don't leave the dog in the vehicle and shoot then run into the woods in a vain attempt to shoot much less capture the fleeing suspect then wind up getting shot in your thick skull by the very same suspect you attempted to capture.

    4. Since AIR-1 was on the scene and had a 360 degree unobstructed view of the entire area why even shoot indiscriminately into the woods then run into the woods when all you idiots should have just surrounded the area and upon AIR-1's instruction just wait the suspect out or at least send the K-9 dog into the woods to do the job he was trained to do.

    5. I'll leave the rest unsaid.

    On with the show.
    Sheriff’s Office Releases Footage From Shooting : NewsDaytonaBeach