Black People : Voluntary Segregation & Immigrant Integration-ritten by Crystal Cartier

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    Simply put...Voluntary Segregation is sadly a necessary protective way of life based upon safety, security, comfort zones, & factors like race, creed, color, religion, education, professions & socio-economics. We're all prejudiced... empowered or not. Sadly, the world will never be color blind. Yet we in all our diversity & spectrum of shades are the hue-man flowers that make it soooo beautiful....while covetous Greed & disparages in the distribution the planet’s wealth creates such poverty making the state of our world also painfully ugly.

    I have been a Social Worker for over 20 yrs. I am also a disabled veteran that has been blessed to literally travel the globe from Asia to Europe. Eagerly I ventured out into the communities and studied the language, cultures, arts, & politics of each host nation. My experiences taught me that Reality is misconstrued to the point that Truth like Life is usually a matter of perspective. I admire the current “Let’s get real” trend in media programming. Everyone’s perspective deserves to be heard & its merit considered. As a cable access TV producer & host I’ve been doing similar programming for many years... (way back when it wasn't politically correct enough for the networks.) Unfortunately the genuine issues plaguing poor whites and underprivileged Black communities remain underserved.

    When I was honorably discharged from the Army, I joined the AFNG & stayed in Hawaii to finish my ongoing college education. I graduated from Chaminade University of Honolulu in 1984 with a BGS in Sociology & Business. I was one of the only two Black female students. I’d earned an academic scholarship based on my 4.0 grade average. The few Black males were predominantly on basketball scholarships. They all dated white girls. It was a social Hell.

    Thank God my parents taught me to always behave as a lady should. That... intelligence and good manners took me safely around the world in and out of the military. I survived & had a great time earning an invaluable education, but I also suffered rape, depression, sexist & racial discrimination. For this article I’ll focus on my college years.

    OBSERVATION: Snide white girls make fun & fools of Black women w/big butts that unsuccessfully try to look like them & fit into their world. My first roommate in the Girls Dorm was a young Jewish girl with a thick shiny head full of naturally bouncy banana curls. All she had to do was wash & blow dry her gorgeous hair. Then style as she desired or simply shake her head & go. Any woman would have killed to have such a beautiful mane. She was slender with a great figure to include a nice round butt. But she complained that she hated it because her friends & family always teased her about having a “****** *** & ****** hair”. From her perspective I was not supposed to be offended by her comments. But I ever so tactfully saw to it that she never used those words with me again. Further I told her that she should thank God for bestowing upon her the best of both worlds. Silly girl! She didn’t mean to be offensive she just never bothered to THINK. She was comfortable enuf with me to behave as she would among her peers. We all do it ( jab at other races when among friends). Nor did she see things from my perspective. She was a plastic living Barbie Doll with the sensitivity of a wart hog.

    But Lawdy, the coed dorm was far worse. I once had a white girl cry on my shoulder and exclaim that her Black boyfriend had just left her “for a ******!!! A big assed nappy headed ******!” She just couldn’t believe it! She said it with such ugly disdain. Apparently the wretched chile’ had forgotten it was a Black woman to whom she was speaking. Worse she expected me to genuinely sympathize with her. Other white women that date Black men have told me about how badly these men talk about Black women and find us quite disgusting. The nerve! But they are being honest. Hence, that is why I now wear my natural hair in SisterLocs (long thin dredlocs) right down to my big butt. Further every inch grew out of my own head. (smile). No more straightening combs & chemicals for me.
    Face it gurlz... If a Black man wants a blonde blue eyed white woman, a dark sista with fake extensions & blue contacts just ain't gonna cut it. Sisters be real!!! Take a trip outside the USA where men of every color will find the natural you to be beautiful, exotic, & desirable. If a man doesn't take the time find out what's beneath the hair between your ears as opposed to between your legs, he is wasting your time anyway (no matter what color he is). Such a lover is simply a randy irresponsible beast carving out slivers of your heart to add to his burnin’ spear.

    Hence, all women, especially teens & young unmarried women must at least be as selective as the animal world is when choosing a mate. You want the strongest & best provider. Not some lazy, promiscuous, AIDs spreading weakling as the father of your children. You want a man capable of protecting & caring for his family with you. He can’t very well do that while playing the field &/or somebody else’s ***** in prison for the rest of his life. So sisters had better wakeup and as part of doing it for yourselves, BROADEN your options. Due to racial integration (one child at a time since the beginning of time) soon the world will no longer be Black or White. It is fast becoming one big gorgeous bowl of butterscotch pudding… chop suey… goulash… curry stew, whatever you wanna call the melting pot.

    Listen carefully & remember this ladies… “a man loves you based on how you make him feel.” He’ll be your protective, gallant, law abiding, hard working Black Knight if that is how you treat him and give him the support he needs to accomplish those mutual goals. You will never land Mr. Right until you become unselfishly Ms. Right. No one wants a needy ****. If you carry yourself properly, finding a good husband will never be a problem no matter how many women there are to one man. Trust me. Naw...Trust God & be patient. Keep the trash out of your life so that Mr. Right can find you… fall in Love and respect you enuf to want to spend the rest of his life taking care of you.

    But I digress...back to the topic at hand. Voluntary Segregation & illegal immigrants (who like Jews, Africans, & Asians also keep quietly & sensibly to themselves.) Meanwhile the words “unity” & “nepotism” are dirty words forbidden in the Black vocabulary or lifestyle. This cursed condition seems to have existed ever since God put an end to the arrogant ambition of the Tower of Babel. Those of us that sincerely try to live by the concepts of Kwanza, Yeshua aka Jesus, Buddha/etc face abuse by the very people we seek to help. I’m still faithfully waiting for that day that the promised “change is gonna come”. Already we see prophecy in motion as the sons are paying for the sins of their fathers.

    While I loved Hawaii, with hindsight I wish with all my heart that I'd attended a Black University like Spellman as portrayed by Bill Cosby's TV programming. I carried double class loads just to graduate as soon as possible because I felt like a miserable fish out of water. When I moved into the coed dorm the two white girls in our two bedroom apartment treated me so badly I could have sworn I was living in Jim Crow Mississippi. It was appalling. They made it clear that my food could not be near theirs. I was the shortest person in the apartment but my nonperishables had to go on the very top shelf. Further I could only use the very bottom of the refrigerator. And they expected me to cleanup the kitchen after them like their maid. They made the Polynesian girl room with me. Then when she moved out because she'd had enough of their racist garbage I was left with the room to myself. They then tried to force me out because they wanted the privacy of my room to spend more comfortable nights with their boyfriends. I wasn't allowed to walk from my room to the bathroom in my PJs or slip when dressing in the morning (tripping over their boyfriend’s underwear lying on the bathroom floor while he & she nakedly made out & slept on the livingroom floor & sofa. But they would sit in string bikinis & thongs with their legs gapped open in my boyfriend's face while we tried to eat lunch. When they came to me to tell me that I had one day to move my things out of my room I went ballistic. Finally I'd had enough. I angrily confronted them then tearfully went to the Dean. They were both put on probation & things changed considerably. Still I couldn't wait to graduate & get out of there. Finally I just moved off campus and got an apartment.

    I had to say all that to say this...To reverse what an old Southern white woman once said to me about “Southerners loving Black folks… they just hate the race”. That is exactly how most Black folks feel. "Blacks folks love white people (one on one) we simply hate the race... the legacy of the race, the villainy of the race, the arrogance & ignorance of the race. i.e. Even today White women walk up to Black women and say, "Ooh I love your hair. Is it your real hair?" Then proceed to put their hands in our heads to examine it as if we are still standing on the slave auction block. What gives them the right?????

    My entire life I grew up in integrated schools & communities. I was called all kinds of Uncle Tom's, etc because many of my friends were white and I enjoyed a broad vocabulary, eclectic music and I stayed on the Dean's List with straight A's. Silly me, I went to school to learn not socialize. I also possessed a lovely wardrobe and a nice figure. Hence, I had to fight jealous bullies (physically) to & from school. I cried many days because I didn't seem to fit in anywhere.
    I pity our children struggling to get a decent education in public schools today. I know the obstacles they face are much worse today because too many haven't had the disciplined upbringing I was blessed to have in a two parent Black middle class Christian home.

    Racism is alive & well in America & abroad. Like a gypsy I have lived in many nations only to learn that basically people are the same wherever you go. If you treat folks well, most will reciprocate. Sadly, often some whites are kinder to Blacks than our own race. Black on Black crime is rampant. We've become cold, hard, crude & bitter. The kids today are don’t even value their own lives because they’ve been poisoned with racism, hopelessness & despair. Life is hard for us all regardless of race, color or creed. So everybody seems to be hating on everybody else. White folks worried about their own survival, don't care about the plight of the Black families left without men... no protection, no support, low self esteem, etc. Blacks have been forced by poverty, poor education, socio-economics & the System to remain at the bottom of the food chain.

    Public schools have turned into prison prep schools discouraging attendance by suspension or expulsion for any minor conflict instead of practicing conflict resolution & inspiring kids to stay in school to learn as much as possible in order to be prepared for today’s demanding job market.

    Today the illegal immigrants can get & hold jobs better than we can. We've become angry, violent & morose...full of rage we are self destructing. Genocide in the form of ignorance, self hatred & the Justice System is warehousing young Black men & women in projects & jail cells... cages like animals because bitterly that is how they behave. They keep giving cops the opportunity to beat them across the head. And of course, Black men as second class citizens are not allowed to defend themselves or own guns. Nor are poor & Black folks w/o HMO’s allowed to self medicate with so-called illegal drugs that were once used by the medical profession now being recreated in home labs by smart white folks. Or the beneficial yet forbidden cannabis herb being brought across the border by Mexican & other Latino immigrants. There are more Black men & women in prison or in the System for drug related crimes than any other race in any nation.

    But think about it…with no education & a criminal record what's left for an ex-con to do (in order to survive) but sell drugs or go to war as pawns that are gonna die or get crippled up anyway while killing other poor dark skinned people forbidden to defend themselves, their families or way of life in Iraq & throughout Africa & the Middle East, folks that have never done anything to us... all for Halliburton & some rich man's stock portfolio. Why not better train rebellious young poor folks and put our soldiers lives to better use securing America’s border, developing & building alternative sources of energy, & building up America’s ghetto communities? Why isn’t the Administration improving our GNP & commerce conditions in America by employing suffering average American citizens?

    Independent American businessmen have been effectively threatened & forbidden to even try to participate in the lucrative business opportunities in Iraq or the Middle East… even in flooded communities like Louisiana.

    So while Congress, the Bush family & Administration, obedient megamedia companies, stockholders & executives keep getting richer, middle class America is going bankrupt and not getting any benefit from the billions of their hard earned tax money flowing into Bush/Bin Laden/Great Britain/Cheney/Haliburton & other Dollarmites of their ilk off shore bank accounts. Yet we continue to believe the lies because doing something about the truth can be so damaging. No more heroes allowed. Anyone that tries to spread the truth & affect positive change is soon accused of some convoluted, conjured, disgusting offense & instantly vilified. Their character questioned, credibility & reputations ruined we are effectively silenced.

    As a social worker & disabled veteran I’ve been abused so badly by the American military & corporate attorneys that at this point I have nothing to lose. Hence I am asking…Just where do the billions funding the war go? During the Viet Nam Conflict Lady Bird Johnson’s shipping companies got rich. Just who is benefiting from these Middle Eastern & North African Conflicts? The soldiers certainly aren't making that kind of money. Many of their families are living here on welfare. The Iranians look poorer than they were before we arrived and destroyed their beautiful people, homes, ancient monuments, culture & cities. These people are descended from the ancient warriors that conquered & held Spain captive for 800 years. How do you think we can just come in & destroy their way of life & cultural pride overnight? Who was worse Saddam or Bush????
    They & the rest of the so-called Third World HATE us and with good reason. Our SHAME lies in continuing our murderous occupation... not in packing up and getting the hell outta the way! By the apology would be nice. "Ooops, my bad. You didn't have any weapons of mass destruction after all, and you poor folks certainly aren't capable of blowing up the World Trade Center. (Truth be told, no one could have pulled that off without inside help …Shhhh.) Sorry we blew up your country, killed your elders, women & children, and killed or jailed your young sons & fathers. We'll just pack up our bombs, guns & tanks and be going now. By the way, how much do we owe you for the damage? Can we still have your oil?"

    Why do we so ruthlessly pursue foreign oil instead of uncapping our own thousands of rich American oil wells? Why not spend billions feeding, housing & educating Americans & supporting the development & distribution of Alternative fuel sources like Solar Power???? Why kill over Kuwait’s & other Middle Eastern/African ports instead of using our own resources and employing Americans at home???? Just who are our real enemies and traitors to America’s best interest?

    Arabia is no longer the exotic jewel of the desert. The once beautiful cobbled streets & sands run red with the innocent blood of dead & hungry children, crying mothers and castrated sons & fathers. So why does Bush/Cheney/Halliburton need soooo much money to continue the war on these poor people? When will the real Chosen Hebrew People realize that they have a responsibility to lead by example as opposed to reigning like Julius Caesar. There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as westerners forcefully occupy & try to control Arab culture & lands. Leave them alone to fight & resolve their civil wars as America fought & is still fighting ours! That includes the suffragette movement led by Susan B. Anthony for the equality of women. Let the Arabs find their own way in their own time!

    Meanwhile, North America is dreadfully losing the Mexican-American War at home and cannot even secure our own borders. Worse we refuse to take care of our own poor, homeless, & sick. Why not use or military might at home to protect & serve... to fight fires & rebuild flooded & other areas of natural disasters?

    No one will hire or train poor, jaded young Black Americans to do anything worthwhile. Those that manage to succeed in business, sports, music, etc move away and look away. They marry outside their race, selfishly spend their riches on whacked luxuries while the cycle of poverty for our people continues.

    We have big beautiful churches on every corner yet they do little to help their own tithe paying congregations. The churches are full of single mothers suffering from AIDS acquired from their shared "down low", polygamist "Baby's Daddy's" while he's out of prison just long enough to run thru the projects creating more unwanted bastards that will also grow up to be trash. Yet the idealist religious Right to Lifers wants to end abortion and welfare for the poor. So tell me how are these poor kids gonna eat. Life is hell in foster care. Something has got to give!

    Yet instead of focusing on domestic responsibilities & the needs of our people here at home, our President has the audacity to send young men to their deaths in an effort to create a so-called mythical Democracy that doesn't even exist in this country. He won't be happy until we kill or destroy every young fighting age Arab man and turn their women into westernized whores... leaving how many unwanted half American war babies behind in another ancient civilization we have cowered, conquered, robbed & destroyed. Vini...Vidi... Vici.

    Young white people rebel because they are not stupid. They see thru the hypocrisy, & lies of their parents and the multi-media propaganda machine. Hence, they too are angry, frustrated & self destructing. Wakeup!!!! In God's name we've got to get a grip on the reality of our values.

    Republican Big Businessmen aka Dollarmites embraced the Mexican, South American, Asian, & Indian immigrants because they were sick of paying decent wages to bitchin & moanin' Americans with unions, to include Blacks. Now, America has been reclaimed in a nearly bloodless coup by the Catholic bastardized progeny of the Aztecs, Mayans, Africans, & Spaniard Conquistadors (today lumped bigotedly together & referred to as Latinos) swarming into the USA with big time drug money buying homes and businesses... and apparently quite a few highly placed businessmen and elected officials. So much for the Alamo. Viva the Latin American drug cartels!

    But NOW you formerly elitist middle class white Americans realize that you’ve cut off your noses despite your own faces. Suddenly you're trying to undo what's already been done in a slow & calculated manner over the years while you were building & privatizing prisons & trying to get rid of Black folks. Ha! Fie on you! Too late. Instead of training American Black, White & Brown children in high tech job skills needed for employment in the New Millennium you continue to import cheaper foreign labor. Now we've all got to learn to speak Spanish in order to get a job. Worse civil servants & corporate slaves daily wearing necktie nooses around their necks reminding them to properly play the Prosperity Game in order to keep their jobs are dying from stress related illnesses. The rest are being replaced by foreign labor markets.

    No one respects the young Black man yet you expect them to respect you & the bloody imperialistic legacy white supremacy has created in this nation & abroad. Frankly your own children don’t respect your methods or ethics. Hence they’ve also become uncontrollable. Well Dr. Frankenstein meet your monsters. Once again Rome is falling apart from the inside out.
    We are so polarized that no one can agree on anything. A house so divided against itself cannot stand. America has been sold out to the highest bidder by our own government & corporations that have no loyalty to American citizens. So we are voluntarily segregating ourselves into small warrior bands according to race, religion & pointless issues... too little... too late. Control freaks plz read my lips... You cannot legislate morality. We are polarizing ourselves into extinction. Hence the Biblical Prophecies are coming to pass.

    Racism is institutionalized. All whites, rich or poor, are prejudiced & to a degree empowered, simply by virtue of the color of their skin. Please do not negate the racial prejudice & discriminatory practices of White Latinos & Asians that effectively target the Black dollar but are openly repulsed by our presence. The effects of discrimination were clearly established & effectively proved by Sociologist Jane Elliot in 1968 with her "Brown eye, Blue eye" experiments.
    And yes Blacks hate Whites but rarely have the power to act on it.

    Blacks embrace a faith & doctrine that once denounced us as only being 3/5ths human and subsequently condemned us to slavery with the status of legal chattel. Whites have effectively stolen & prospered on everything we've ever had that is worth anything from our lands, natural resources, our ancestoral identities, hue-manity (3/5ths???), culture, biblical & accomplished heritage, to our creativity & forms of expression. (ie. Colloquial expressions, R&B, gospel, jazz, and rap). Meanwhile we educated Blacks have forgotten how to sing from our souls. Instead we’ve learned to spew the meaningless rhetoric sanctioned by the White Man. So now instead singing, praying & marching, we compromise & talk & talk and nobody is listening. Hence we've lost the only effective voices we once had. Worse there is no recourse for injustice. No one cares.

    So many of us have little choice but to voluntarily segregate ourselves & bind together according to race, religion & socio-economic status from the prisons to the schools & workplace. No one is reaching out to Blacks with viable solutions. We've learned that we are going to have to save ourselves and that can only be accomplished with the help of God Almighty. Its time to embrace the faith that teaches us to treat your neighbor as you want to be treated and judge each Man individually, based upon his character as opposed to the color of his skin. We are all brothers & sisters and if we can't get along down here on this planet amidst various shades of brown... how the heck are we gonna be able to get along in the heavens inhabited by all its glorious entities. We're all condemned to death from birth... We're all just doing Time on Mother Earth. I believe that each soul was sent to this plane of existence to learn something like what really matters and then to teach it.

    Well that's just my opinion… like eyes we all have them. Please start using them to see the truth for yourselves before its entirely too late. Stop! Think & Pray... then Pay it forward.
    May God Bless America because she's already damned herself.
    Crystal Cartier
    Denver, CO

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