Black Poetry : volume three: words are nothing more than syllables added

don’t know about other chick
but this woman doesn’t drink
stay romantic let her body think
clearheaded making a man sweat
haven’t had any complaints yet
but I can mix up an angel brew
for a man and his whole doggone crew
once he kiss these lips
and hoop inside these hips
it gone be a slam dunk
and he gone be drunk
start stuffing her belongs in his car trunk
slam the hood and head home
where her skills she hone
let Him experience all the heat
she text from her phone
she offering him yum yum
and he ain’t no dum dum
he must get useta
a black soul sistah
who is a sassy lover
whole stone cold sober
not trying to pick a fight
but what you mean she “seems” bright
Kaboom imagination and brain dynamite
could claim you seem charming
saying is charming is less harming
and won’t bruise a man’s ego
which for a real woman is a no no
sitting on the stoop noticed the tracks
from his muddy boots
must be outback in the root cellar
waiting on my smoked ham
and candied yams
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this morning I arose and just began to dance
the trees outside my window took a glance
I haven’t gotten any sleep
but feel rested and at peace
right now everything about me feels soft
adding to my softness is the fact
I can rap and nothing on me is a knock off
a kiss between lovers is a psalm
our lips sing while sitting in love’s palm
the kiss paid as a dowery for what’s to come
some folks are over stimulated by intercourse
while this woman is interested in charting a safe course
through a healthy relationship where sex
is importance but no more so then all the rest
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a fella gonna need more than a wrench
to obtain a life long bed wench
whose body speaks fluent french
She never said nor though him a retard
if I did she wouldn’t work thIs hard
trying to get thru to at least one of his brains
that if her man feeds her security and affection
sex like gold coins will rain
all culmanating in healthy results
and i’ve closed my ears to all insults
today peace abounds
for my mettle is sound

**if your preconceived notion
of reality is what you crave
at the next light make a left
I honestly don’t understand
why you continuously aspire
to acquire a woman who’s
already yours long before time
began she’s not an also ran and
had you taken her hand and
escorted her down the stairs
and opened the car door
kissed her on the cheek
(those last two raps are sweet)
we’d already be on our way
to the bar to drink from a chalice
without malice a few sips of
delicate and delicious wine
that has aged with time
followed boo by a soft kiss or two


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