Black Poetry : volume three: words are nothing more than syllables added


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
had a nightmare he spoke of divorce
so I had to write about it of course:

we loved hard until we didn’t
loved as bards until we didn’t
let love into our heart until we didn’t
played each other’s cards until we didn’t
Wrote love letters bold until we didn’t
tethered our soul until we didn’t
believed in one another until we didn’t
relieved our pain thru healing until we didn’t
protected each other by Shielding until we didn’t
had a life plan until we didn’t
wow 12 years later there’s only good bye
Darling do you trust me
baby I trust you’re gonna flirt
Ouch! Black Man that hurt
did i lie flirting is your framework
and no you can’t duck no more
done put a net across the floor
to catch you if you fall from your
high wire pole routine
oh you want these panties to grew wings
and fly off during this romance
I’ll be all greasy when you kiss
I know this is on your bucket list
and my lips be blush red
meet me on the balcony
and bring the bedspread
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lying here in my bed
more than my panties are red
with anger spent the night
let hot words take flight
but knew if a boy really care
he’d know that was all about fright
now that I know he punt
tell me darling what you want for lunch
got salmon a salad a fresh fruit bowl ready
and always keep something akin to
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy handy
in my purse gonna spoon feed you then your
flirtatious nurse gonna swallow a large dose of
ice cream from your cone get totally stoned
off you before I silence my phone because we are home
and a lot on me is poking and no joking your
body is smoking and makes me hot
reassure you our love is tied in a secure knot
and please stop thinking you can push my love
away because you cannot
I’m not perfect may get lost on the beach
from time to time write a love letter in the sand
sit right there until you reach me and take my hand
and teach me how to find my way back to you
and can you please bring Apollo too
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welp I’m available if you need help
first: retire your adviser
in matters of the heart they’re no wiser
than you they gone lead you off a cliff
and good loving you gone miss
second: to a woman be honest
if you say a thing keep your promise
third: if you want her stay true
especially if you know her panties are blue
and “She only loves you”
fourth: understand if you don’t treat her proper
she gone act out scream and holler
just take her in your arms kiss her
create for her a safe space et cetera
promise this crap really work
fifth: a man should say her name
letting her know she’s his special dame
hope this helps good luck using buckshot
to acquire your garage kept hummer
she sounds like a good woman
and a hot number
because he trudge through a flood
he’s soaked and timberlands are full of mud
and still he present roses as a show of love
She knows she has to do better
make her flirt even wetter
and learn to manage her crazy
wanna be sitting in his lap in a lazy
chair kissing his lips as his eyes cheer
cause he’d rather be kissing
his girlfriend then p******
in the wind
Oh shoot now I gotta pee


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