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    As I reach, out to the heavens, and earth.
    Look through, the open windows of mind.
    The visions of the Garden, reflects it's purity,
    within the spoken words, I drink from the rivers.
    Exhaling the earth.

    The milk from my father’s garden ,
    will now be planted upon earth.
    I come to strengthen, drink the water from my fathers house.
    The normality, reality has now set in.
    Silently I open the doors, to man's hearts.

    When man who burns the books of wisdom,
    the result is death.
    Understanding open doors of evolution,
    blinded truth cannot be found.
    The ultimate measures of a man,
    is how he keeps Gods command,
    freeing self from the prison, the conduct of life.
    Justice indispensable, man sets his own faith.

    Symbolic images, deep within,
    as I watch the doves, angels,
    and God’s spoken words.
    I exhale Earth, the plantations
    of it's house, the rivers, sea's, man,
    creation, mother of the Universe.
    Exhale you have taken your rightful place

    Among the travels in life,
    I set before the light,
    Thou footprints beneath the sea,
    One set forth, footprints thou seek,
    Darkness beneath the sea,
    I walk, the hardest times in my life,
    I shed a tear for pain, thou shall never forget,
    Beneath thy footprint, I give love to thee.
    The challenges of the wars, the darkness of man.
    The father that is not there.
    The legends of a un wanted love.
    The tears upon my chest.

    The strength that man said is love.
    Caged in a tunnel where identity dose not live.
    The un wanted soul, thou turn thee other cheek,
    Thou have set before the belly of the beast,
    Thou conscience of love, that it seeded.
    I footprints beneath the sea,
    Oh thou don’t cry for thee.

    Here the screams of the torture within my soul.
    Here the battle that I fight within.
    Here the liberation that I shall not go under.
    The proclamation of a man.
    Who am I that live upon the earth.
    My family tree is in reverse.
    I thy life labor of my family Son

    Let not the sorrows blind the heart are burden your heart,
    Fall upon the sanctuary, give God grace,
    Who art in God’s name. Be confessions,
    Of heaven for thy will be no kingdom,
    Without God’s way.
    The earthly son, the family tree
    Lye your tears upon me.
    I have felt your scars I continue
    To live through thee.
    Acknowledges the secrets I have left for you.
    The foundation of a King.
    The strengths of lions that lives within thee.

    In the doctrinarians of a universe,
    The jewels that thy God give.
    The mother the father,
    Son’s I have not abandit you.
    The prophets the laws of thy Father God
    That lives within you.
    You are the warriors of warriors
    I am awaiting for you to claim your crown.

    Let not man make his own found kingdom,
    For the foundation shall fall upon the seams.
    The spirit that flows through the body,
    Shall tumble and fall.
    I have allowed you to lay your burdens upon me.
    I have allowed you to defame my name.
    The price of default is death, upon the burning hell.
    Let not thy words be sealed in a book.
    Let not thy voice be shattered within compromising words.
    For thy God owns the key.
    Cloak the image of thy creations.
    Change the words of thy scriptures,
    Blasphemy the words of my trust.
    The sentence is death.

    Stand up for thy words live by the laws
    I the brother’s of Kings.
    I am you and you are me.
    You shall never die if you live by the blood.
    Darkness shall follow in your path.
    Satin is claiming all that comes his way.
    No weapons shall form against you
    If you believe my son we are one.
    Our Father name is God.

    I shall turn a deaf ear when you cry out loud.
    If you commit treason upon my door.
    Stand tall in the name of thy father.
    Your soul is as mind.
    My son’s let no earthly form tell you
    You are less than a man.
    Pick up the torch and guide your family
    On home. The man who walks with honor
    Will be the King of his foundation
    No man can claim what is yours.

    The false Jesus that live upon the earth.
    Have turn the fathers words into a mockery
    Your spirit my son is as mind.
    Protect the sanctuary Of Gods Laws.

    Unifying powers that links heaven to earth.
    The laws of causes and effects, the wisdom to comply to correct.
    Acquirements of spiritual power, the connection the link.
    Wisdom the roots of self.
    Change the thought change the man.
    The sky’s commands wisdom to guide,
    Thy purpose shake,
    and thou soul shall embrace,
    the spoken words, Thou may he live upon this land,
    Although you might not see,
    Thou art is in the sky.
    Freedom yearns, for the resurrection of man,
    Pyramids of the universal life.
    Treasures that reflect truth.
    I women must stay strong.
    Spirits created by the ocean, rebirth,
    Affirming real things.

    I the Messiah the Solomon as I my brother,
    The lynching of thy roots lives in a cocoon,
    who fights our cause.
    An engine called perseverance insurance of faith.
    A curve called failure, a loop called confusion.
    Almighty God my brothers have abandon me.
    Resistance assimilation of the universe,
    destructions of an inheritances,
    genocide by my brother who refuse to lead.
    The mission of the land of the lost,
    path of assimilation is a word of action.
    My blood I give to thee. Captivities shall not be kept.

    Truth and off set to self.
    I am not dead the voices cries from the soul.
    Hear the screaming of the winds,
    I shall not go under.
    I gave my life for my brother.
    The haunting of thy soul shall follow me.
    Salvation that lye upon my feet,
    As the slain that lies upon the grave.

    Thy trespasses lie upon me.
    My eyes cries by reason of my wraith.
    I must now reap the sore of my brothers,
    disobedience upon the earth.
    But unto thee I come as a humble child to thy God,
    I stand before my Almighty God,

    I cry the name of thy brothers blood,
    I scream the glory of thy most precious God.
    All arms against me stood,
    thy graceful mercy rescued me
    from those who live beneath the earth.
    Oh thy God in the morning I shall hear.
    Thy fears increase thy froes.
    The evil of man shall have no claim ,
    the sword of man sings its own song.
    Thy watchful enemies awaits my death,
    to still my soul they wait.
    The dust that exhales the devil in his clutch.
    Oh thy shield of your love thy almighty God.

    Holy City of Mecca sacred upon thy solid grounds.
    Soft and delicate , flavors of just love,
    I cry war upon those who trample on thy creations. T
    here is no excuse for murder,
    those who kill my creations.
    Oh thou thousand voices that screams,
    give me back thy honor upon thy land,
    tears that cries from the heaven.
    Oh thy great God of creations.

    I sit upon the lands of sacred psalms,
    Disasters of vital morality, reality,
    spirituality life on my back,
    suppression, manhood of inhibited,
    songs of rotten death.
    intellectuality without common sense .

    Civilizations cries my children for man to see,
    acceptance of oppressions.
    Holy Cities of World,
    Holy Cities of Villages,
    Holy Cities of all thy creations,
    has been tarnished by hate and destructions
    I have faith in you my son’s
    I am in the hearts of all good men.
    I shall continue to send my sons
    The warriors of your army shall be herd.
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    very nice scribing poetess
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    nice drop....
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    wrap in this scribe
    nice one sis

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    blessings peace and thank you :thanks: