Black Poetry : Voice in the Light


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Harry Hyman

Well-Known Member
Oct 31, 2003
North Carolina
Voice in the Light

Down the heavens, thru the clouds,
across the winds that churn the night,
the velvet darkness pins the sky
with stars of a silvern light.

At a gallop in the dark, the light rays come,
first the fast, then behind come the slow.
They both reach the eyes at slight different times
and a Twinkle is their impacts aglow.

In that blink, some men see their last Hope.
In that flash, some men hear their Faith
and a dim corner shows my old Courage lost
now lit by this messenger of Space.

And it seems that the Infinite is speaking
to me, Man the infinitely small,
that we are both the ends of a cosmic circle
not touching but embracing us all

and the unmeasured distance between us
is one breath of a heartbeat’s sigh
from its Voice to our ear thru a velvet darkness
locked in the twinkling of an eye.

And in the silent and echoless vast uncertain
dim of some darkened night
when one star blinks and jumps great distance
straddled to a cosmic light
thru the blackness of a million midnights
crossing spans of a chasmed sea,
if you listen for the light, in the twinkling of an eye,
it will speak to the dark in thee.


Harry Hyman

Well-Known Member
Oct 31, 2003
North Carolina
Rich - Man has been fascinated with the stars when he couldn't explain them and equally fascinated with them when he could. Perhaps its that darkness, that emptiness of the night that compels us to seek or impute explanations for its void and vastness when we think we're all alone in the Universe when maybe we're only just far, far away. You're right Rich "let da light shine through". Here's twinklin' at ya. Namyh


Jul 2, 2003
Excellent for sure

Excellent Flow Harry!

To be captured by the lunar skys is something to behold.
Once a day one should reflect and look
To see what truth it holds
Explore thru prism
Record the find
Expand the wisdom
Enlighten the mind!

Great Read.. for sure... Thanks Harry this flow it is inspiring.:welldone:

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