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    Hello Everyone,

    I've not worked out all of the particulars yet, everything is open for discussion ... so please feel free to express your feelings regarding paying for voice chat, which will help support our entire forum.

    Please vote above so i can begin to get a feel for how receptive you are to this idea. If you don't want it, we won't have it.

    We are offering voice chat FREE, for a limited time, thereafter the price will be $10.00 per month. You will be able to pay with any credit / debit card and via PayPal, if you don't have a credit card. Details are coming.

    We can use this for so many things !!! Our own LIVE POETRY READINGS ... 24/7 ... noteworthy speakers ... just general chat ... whatever we want ... right here in our own house, with our own Family!

    We have 2 rooms, each can currently hold a capacity of 25. Once there are 25 folk in each room, no one else can get in. Once the FREE period is over, only paying Members will be able to enter, and there will always be space for you.

    Respect, decency and proper consideration to all Members is required, as it is everywhere on our fourm.

    Enjoy our url=""]NEW VOICE CHAT[/url].

    Would you be willing to buy a PREMIUM Membership to help support our forum?

    Is $10.00 / month too much for you?

    How much would you be willing to pay?

    Is it not worth it to you?

    Please be brutal and honest with me. Share your thoughts on these questions and other topics surrounding our going from a completely FREE forum to one that hopes the Membership will support it.



    Enter LIVE VOICE CHAT Here!