Black People : Vision for a Royal Ladies Club for African American women.

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    As I was listen to Dr. Umar Johnson today whilst working on many things as I do on the internet. Dr. Johnson was speaking of the many issues that face African American women. Like the fact many of them are depressed, lonely and all the whilst raising children, our children, on their own. I used to work at the Women's Center back in Atlanta, Ga and their care was centered around women for the reason that the one in the family who usually takes care of everyone's health is the woman or wife. Many of the African American women having babies at the Women Center were single mothers, meaning unmarried. I noticed that out of other racial groups African American women were the most unwed mothers. This Women Center has the highest record births in the entire world with almost 20,000 babies born in their hospital every year. What I did also notice is that Nurses provided the greatest care not the doctors. Also Abraham Lincoln they say could have lived if they had used Nursing care because the doctors were too lazy or uninterested in clearing his wounds and showing him affection that would have made the greatest effort to save his life. This is some of the reason I have designed this vision a certain way.

    Besides the Ade Institute of technology and science and the African American Youth Civil Corps to build infrastructure I've envisioned a great strategy to uplift our people even further. I am a firm believer that a nation can not rise any higher than its women. But I think really this means that every part of us is important, meaning we can't neglect men nor women but most importantly mothers. Because mothers are the first teachers of children and they are the care takers of the entire nation. In Yoruba tradition women are the ones responsible for preserving the prayers, songs, dances and manhood of Sango. Sango loves women, yes I do, and Sango loves children!

    I won't go into the negative abuses that are happening to women all over this planet. My teacher said it was my mission in life to set the balance right again. My teachers are priest and priestess in the Mami Wata based in Georgia. Sexual abuse of women is extreme in Western society and made its way into many parts of Africa. The religion of White Supremacy has hatched its ugly seeds amongst our people and made our men think we are better than women. But we are not and Sango could not exist without a woman. I love my own mother dearly and despite her flaws I knew she was once a queen because she birthed a King. When a reformer is born unto a people they are to take heed of the message for it may be a long time for another woman birth such a man or woman.

    This Royal Ladies Club is envisioned as a Temple, social club, meeting hall and clinic ran totally by women. It will have a banquet hall for women to meet and invite guest speakers including men who have something to say to women uplifting, such as Oba Adefunmi II. It has a coffee and tea shop inside, a juice bar, a food restaurant, a spa, a gym and workout room for Yoga and Dance, an art gallery where women can show case and sell fashion; shopping is recreational to women and some men don't get it. The Royal Club will be ran by a single women and a council that deals with handling the budget and activities. There will be clinic ran by women nurses where women can bring their children for check ups and minor treatments. There will be priest and priestess available for spiritual counseling of many faiths. Most services will be free of charge but I can't say what private business men and women will charge for their services but all other things will be free.

    We can recruit young girls who have graduated from our Youth Civil Corps and send them to Nursing schools around the country so they can return and run our clinic. Full tuition paid and living expenses and those who complete with honors and highest scores will receive this special gift. This will do great good for our people worldwide. As these young Nurses might want go to Haiti or Africa on missions to help poor villages and set up their own clinics. Free organized youth labor will cover most of the cost of infrastructure. Such as maintenance, support services and no tax as this will be on our own land. The clinic maybe small in the beginning but it will grow.

    The fundraiser I am currently running is for $126,000,000 million dollars in 7 years. This money is to be entrusted in the care of one man that is His Majesy Oba Adefunmi II. I am no fool to put this money in too many hands is not wise. Plus the King is pure in heart, only 28 I believe, we are very fortunate to have a young leader as most world leaders are old in age. We should lift Oba Adefunmi II up as high as we can that way he is a shining example of our divine self. This is in accord with African tradition. Oba Adefunmi II is the paramount King of Diaspora appointed by the Alaafin of Oyo the direct bloodline of Sango. All those of Diaspora who wish to be Kings must be elected by their village and crowned by Oba Adefunmi II and his royal priests. To be King one must be elected by a recognized Yoruba village. The bloodline must be pure with no murders, robbers or rapists in the immediate family. Adefunmi is a pure family bloodline and lives in accord with the strict traditions of a royal family. This is the law of all Yourba land and a King is forbidden from any lying no matter the slightest lie. To be King is no joke it is a very strict and rigid life.

    Think over my vision and think how can I do my part to fulfil this? Simple give to the treasury. None of your money will ever come to Sango. I don't want your money. I want you to go where you will prosper and be taken care of and be treated with justice, fairness and equity.



    Re-educate yourself.

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    betwixt and between

    KingSango ... you nor anyone can solicit at for money, especially without my express permission.

    Your presentation is a noble one, lifting up Sisters ... but I'm a Sister and you've never given a dime here.

    Instead, you present a $126,000,000 million dollar fundraising goal.

    I cannot help from noticing that your words do not match your actions.

    Nonetheless ... I do wish you well with the endeavor and this thread is closed.

    You're welcome to open a new thread to discuss my decision should you have any questions.

    Much Love and Peace.


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