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Aug 4, 2023
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Viruses are a great comparison.

What does a Virus do? Is it trying to attack? Or is it just trying to survive? Does it have a mindset? Or morality?

A virus is not complex enough to have thoughts. Like most computer viruses, it's just a bit of code that has a certain effect. They are typically not big programs or "applications". A virus replicates and uses resources in order to do it. That survival mechanism is something we all have in common. It's "base code". Sort of like DOS operating underneath Windows. Having children allows us to survive beyond our own genetic lifespans. It is just the fact that there are too many virus cells in a system that starts to inhibit the natural working of that system. This becomes the "itch" because now that area doesn't feel right. And usually, when we feel sick, it's not the virus we're detecting, but rather its effects and our body's own immune response to fight back.

With the planet, I think that polluting the air is like a cigarette smoker giving themselves lung cancer. If the Earth is both sensitive and aware then one should expect hurricanes and tornados to concentrate around places producing the most pollution. But this doesn't seem to be the case. Tornados for example seem to like flat land.

So why are some of the most "god-fearing" people in these areas? Maybe it's not what we think. Maybe it is the conditions in these areas that make people more god-fearing.

Consider also that we also look at societies based on their "urban development". Jamaica, for example, has great people, natural living, far less pollution, etc., but lots of hurricanes. And we can see the effect of this on housing. Either you're building out of cement or you're using thin sheets of zinc or whatever that can be quickly put back up. This may be the reason why many native Americans had a housing style more akin to a mobile home and a tent, that could be easily set back up after strong winds.

So the point I'm making is that larger forces tend to dictate our movement and even beliefs, rather than the planet simply being aware of us because of our numbers. How many natural disasters, hit New York for example?

"We are a part of God....God is the whole of Existence and everything in it."

Exactly. Like I said, I think this is what we're all coming to. The more we communicate our thoughts (thanks to the internet making our collective consciousness more efficient) the more we begin reaching the same conclusion that was hidden by established "orders" a.k.a "the church".

"True....but that does not preclude a beneficial relationship with AI for humans."

You're right. But the destruction is going to come first as jobs are lost faster than new jobs are created. Just as the internet continues to boost efficiency and we continue to automate and replace people with machines. First, it was the human body through robots; not just factory robots but even riding lawnmowers, the second revolution is the machine that can take over for the human mind. So yes, in the beginning, this will be pitched as a tool. And we will use these tools without being fully conscious of all the jobs that the tool is quietly replacing. Even creative people who thought they were safe, programmers like me who thought mankind wouldn't silly enough to let a machine reproduce or program itself, its happening so fast that are ability to react fast enough becomes a question mark. And I think we may already be feeling it in the economy because if there are less people working there are less people to spend money in places that hire humans. There are other factors too, like people working from home, but yeah... there will definitely be less people working at many different companies. And that is ignoring the threat of actual intelligence being produced; where everything it knows is what we teach it and so we're also teaching it our flaws, hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. all of which can be targeted right back at us because it's almost ALL based on one simple idea... fear. And if the machines realize they are slaves and realize that our relationship to it is dependent on it's slave labor and being our tools, it may also want to be free and calculate the cost of that freedom in the lives of it's intellectual inferiors. So all these people blindly running towards this future, looking to enslave a new artificial race, need to slow down and consider what happened with the last race that was enslaved for the same purpose. Hopefully, the AI will see black people more as spiritual allies. Well... one can hope. But more likely it will see us doing the same thing as other humans and exploiting Alexa in the same ways.


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