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    VIRGO THE VIRGIN: Links with Isis & Mary


    Security Index: International threat to the reputation of the Goddess Isis

    By Andre Austin

    The Zodiacal symbolism is closely connected with the rites and ceremonies of religious systems ancient and modern.

    Shining brightly on the meridian was the Sirius (Isis) star (a star from the East); while rising, signifies a pregnancy, in the east was Virgo, the Virgin, (Matthew 1 & 2) the line of the horizon passing through her center. To the right of Sirius was Orion (Osiris), the great hunter, with three stars in his belt. These stars lie in a straight line and point towards Sirius (Isis in her pregnancy); in ancient times they were as the three Kings. We meet them in the Gospels as the wise men (magi with three gifts). In the zodiac on the interior of the Dome of the Temple of Denderah (In Egypt), the constellation Virgo was pictured as a woman with a spike of corn (John 12:23-26) (Osiris castrated penis?), in one hand; and on the adjacent margin the Virgin is annotated by a figure of Isis with Horus in her arms.

    Keep in mind that the precessions shift due to the earth’s rotation and wobbles and that’s why Easter doesn’t have a set date for Jesus execution like JFK killed 11/22/63 or MLK 4/4/1968.

    At the Winter Solstice (Christmas), the sun is at its southern most position in the celestial sphere. When it begins to travel northward along the ecliptic; and at the vernal equinox (Easter, it passes over the celestial equator. This passing over the sun from the south to the north of the equator was the origin of the festival of the Passover. When the sun reached the equinoctial point and crossed or passed over in Aries, The Ram or Lamb; a clue to the Passover lamb, as a type of crucified Christ.

    For in an astronomical chart, the Sun is apparently crucified upon the intersecting lines of the equator and the ecliptic at the moment of his decent into the lower hemisphere for three days.

    The Christians didn’t copy the Egyptian formula exactly, but rarely do plagiarist do. However, all the basic elements are there.