Black Poetry : Virginity's Sorrow


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Feb 3, 2003
Atlanta, GA
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::Virginity’s Sorrow::

I wake up from my nightmare in a cold sweat
Breathing hard
Looking confused
As I sit up in complete darkness
My thoughts become tainted
My mind plagued by the thought of your first love making love to you
Wait a minute…scratch that
You making love to him

I can’t get these thoughts out of my head
The way he’s holding you
Your moan
Your thighs open
All I see is moving silhouettes
Lights off, because you nervous
Feeling a bit insecure, exposing your naked body to another for the first time
The future first love stands in awe and licks his lips
Sex-starved, finally getting what he worked so hard for
The dinners
The quality-time
The phone conversations…all paying off
Now, he finally gets a taste of those thick thighs, he dreamed of so many nights before
He finally gets to caress your breasts
You lay there scared and wanting his “love”
Armed and ready…lust consumed your lover’s body
As he swam deep into your soul
Stroke by stroke
Move by move
Breath after breath
Stress and love released through the art of sensation
And when it’s all over…
You were both left “satisfied”
Or at least he was
Well, I don’t think you were so sure
Yeah, you enjoyed the moment
But now, you were feeling the aftermath
Questions and emotions nagged at you with no success
Because, you experienced “love”
So, the two of you continued this ritual over and over again, until it became routine

To you, you were giving him your heart
You trusted him with it
But to him, you’re were just another girl
Leaving you used and abused
Then again…
It could be the Ideal Love Theory all over again
I can only imagine the feeling
But, I don’t want to imagine
Yet, I still do
It hurts me, too
I lose sleep over the thought
It makes me sick to my stomach
That he broke your heart and took Virginity with him
You will never see her again
Won’t be able to give her a second chance to experience someone else
Someone more deserving
This man broke your heart into pieces, and scattered them across them the floor
Leaving me to play clean up
Now, I’m caught up in the emotional aftermath
Playing the friend, lover, AND heart-mender
What an undertaking…

Then, the nightmare gets worse
I had to witness the terrible end of a supposed everlasting love
You didn’t even see it coming
Day by day, stroke by stroke
Your first love was killing you softly, but you couldn’t even feel the wounds
Unaware that you wasn’t the only one receiving his “love”

When you found out -----you died
You died because all your interpretations of love have been proven false
Of the real love you gave him
You barely received a third in return
So now, you’re alone once again
Alone to mend your broken heart
Family and friends offered to help
But, you just wanna be alone
Alone from the world

And I sit here laying in complete darkness
Wanting to hold you in my arms
To protect you from harm
But, I can’t
Your eyes can’t see that I’m different
Not yet, anyway
But, when they can
I’ll be here waiting….


Mar 22, 2001
i remember listening to this

on your website in spoken word

we have a spoken word forum as well

maaaan :lol: blue, sherykah, and the rest of ya'll
spoken word artists are about to make me go and
invest in a microphone from bestbuy :x: :D

nice work :toast:


hey ladies i just remembered we're supposed to be
having a battle of the sexes in the forum right i think
this bruh just dropped a bomb over our heads lmao

peace :lol:

Ah dammmmmn! :)


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Feb 18, 2002

lots of quotable lines

keep it up

this was hot

never read u before

hope to see more

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