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    The virgin birth: To be or not to be (Isaiah 7:14)
    This verse is part of a prophecy that Isaiah relates to King Ahaz regarding the fate of the two kings threatening Judah at that time and the fate of Judah itself. In the original Hebrew, the verse says that a "young woman" will give birth, not a "virgin" which is an entirely different Hebrew word. The young woman became a virgin only when the Hebrew word was mistranslated into Greek in the NT.
    This passage obviously has nothing to do with Jesus (who, if this prophecy did apply to him, should have been named Immanuel instead of Jesus).

    Immanuel could mean “His Amen is god” or “God with us”. When I see Genesis say “Let us make man” this “Us” could be Elohim or Amen. In Egypt Amen was a trinity of creation. But anyway

    In all the Epistles of Paul, there is not one word about Christ's virgin birth. The apostle is absolutely ignorant of the marvellous manner in which Jesus is said to have come into the world. For this silence, there can be only one honest explanation -- the story of the virgin birth had not yet been invented for Christianity when Paul wrote.

    The genealogies of Matthew and Luke show that Joseph was a direct descendant of King David. But if Joseph is not Jesus' father, then Joseph's genealogies are meaningless as far as Jesus is concerned, and one has to wonder why Matthew and Luke included them in their gospels. The answer, of course, is that the genealogies originally said that Jesus was the son of Joseph and thus Jesus fulfilled the messianic requirement of being a direct descendant of King David.

    Long after Matthew and Luke wrote the genealogies the church invented (or more likely borrowed from the mystery religions) the doctrine of the virgin birth. Although the virgin birth could be accommodated by inserting a few words into the genealogies to break the physical link between Joseph and Jesus, those same insertions also broke the physical link between David and Jesus.

    The church had now created two major problems: (1) to explain away the existence of two genealogies of Joseph, now rendered meaningless, and (2) to explain how Jesus was a descendant of David.

    The apostle Paul says that Jesus "was born of the seed of David" (Romans 1:3). Here the word "seed" is literally in the Greek "sperma.". Therefore Jesus had the male and female chromosomes to make a human being.

    The Christian church was clearly competing against the Egyptian Mary/Isis who was a virgin in myth. And this is how the Christian Mary became a virgin too. Anything great the Egyptian myths did the Christians claimed they could do it better.