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Aug 1, 2019
This thread was written as an open discussion on self-determination and my views on the basic understandings of economics. This thread will expand and is open for discussion as I paste some of the ideal paragraphs I've written on Twitter. The majority of what I wrote was in 2022 but I had to repost it here so that a fundamental understanding is reached. There were a couple of books I've read on economics and I will be quoting ideals later.

Ideals for Self-Determination & Economics :

I want to speak to the audience of my people that this thread might resonate with. In due time those great at research/citing sources will eventually find these & the connected threads useful

In America you already know your roles as a worker/consumer but it is equally important to know your roles as an investor, capitalist, entrepreneur and benefactor in economics particularly the arena of commercial and industrial enterprises.

In understanding the multiple roles you play in economics & your value to the U.S. currency you are able to progress from a mediocre individual to one of colossal success. During your transition you must protect your mindset. Protect your momentum going forward

Prior to your rise in the economy, you are more likely to be a worker, in that process protect your momentum & mental health. You need your job, but never forget you are building a foundation for yourself along the way. Try not to get complacent. Always elevate⬆️

Your mental health while working is more important than the money you're making. Always put your health first. Never accept mistreatment or any discrimination if it occurs. You found that job you can find another one. Your skills are a part of you.

If you find work you enjoy or comfortable with,work very well at it and use the income to invest back into yourself. Build rapport with others who work with you. Relationships are crucial in the workforce. Positive energy is mandatory.

If you find work that is uncomfortable but it's a necessity to your sustainability, work with the energy you enter the job with. When you get a flow continue with that until you get familiar with it and the work won't seem as bad anymore. If not, find new work

If by some circumstance you find yourself recipient to mistreatment, always stand up for yourself & let the offending party know to correct the wrong & check themselves. Never accept mistreatment because they themselves won't tolerate receiving the same.

Oct 2, 2022:
#BlackTwitter Your role as a consumer says that you are a living breathing licensed commodity. Your entire existence is a cashier's cheque to nearly every person around you paying their bills, because of this there's no such thing as being "broke". Let the money circulate.♻️

In clarifying my point earlier...there is no such thing as being "broke" so long as the person does not live in scarcity nor poverty. A person may be temporarily without an income. Income can be generated so long as there is an opportunity and willpower. Everywhere around you is some brand being marketed to your subconscious and you the recipient are inclined to accept it by purchase or to decline and look elsewhere. You are a living breathing commodity to the rest of the world. If nobody was making money there would be no trade and no transactions. Knowing this is the first step to self determination.

As a consumer know this: Disposable Income is extra money you have left after income taxes have been paid. Discretionary Income is extra money you have left after your bills were paid & survival necessities were bought (clothes, shoes, food, etc.)♻️

Although it is common mindful of the amount of things you purchase even for entertainment and personal usage after you've received your disposable & discretionary income. You will need to save and invest some of that money to acquire assets.

An asset is a property or business venture you own/or have which is beneficial to you. This is something that generates portfolio income and significant capital. Your goal as an investor is to invest into an asset and gain profit to build an empire. Once you build an empire you have the ability to possibly create generational wealth from your assets, profits and expenditures. Your children and grandchildren will inherit your wealth through a trust you've set up within your estate or through a proper will you've set up in advance for heirs to your legacy. Most importantly, when you own something, it becomes a source of power or control. Owning your own media platforms would be ideal for influencing your people and culture and to raise awareness on a national scale. Owning a commercial business will spread wealth not only to yourself but will bring significant production of goods and services to the people you're serving, once you become a name brand you must protect that brand at all times or suffer the consequences. Owning Industrial Businesses will help you in the manufacturing of automobiles, producing technological advancements, providing health care, construction in building property, etc. There are many Industrial examples. Overall whether you have a Commercial or Industrial production, you are producing something not just for profit but also to leave a legacy of service as a name brand that can live possibly forever for many generations long after you are no longer here. This is why McDonald's and Taco Bell live on today when they were started long ago by a single person or groups of people. A family member had an idea and put it to production. We all have the same capabilities we just need to find out the keys to empowerment. (2 good book references on Black economic Empowerment is "PowerNomics" by Claude Anderson and "Blueprint For Black Power" by Dr. Amos Wilson)

After you reap the returns on your investments & they prove to have gained you profit, you become a entrepreneur when this is done regularly, a capitalist when you become wealthy and a benefactor to others who enjoy what you offer. #venturecapitalism

Owning property and land is an asset because of the financial possibilities. It's crucial for you to understand that if you do not have an allodial title over your property or land, you don't completely own what you have whether it's land or a house. Real property ownership is through owning an allodial title. However, remember the financial liabilities that come with some of these things. You still have to report to the IRS, pay bills, clear any debts if any etc.✍#obligations

The basics of economics (using limited resources for fulfilling unlimited wants & needs) are practical but because our parents were not usually owners of assets often times we had to start with nothing and work for someone else to build/invest in an asset.

In the scenarios that our parents/family did not own assets is due to the fact they were not educated properly in financial literacy and therefore maintained the consumer/worker role instead and passed that role onto the children as well. Individualism has become more widespread than group economics or collective development but all the capabilities are there.

A good amount of parents from Generation X have accepted narcissistic parenting and have marginalized a lot of their children's ideals. This is why those who followed their dreams to success never listened to their parents' discouragement & chose to stick to their own plans. If you have something you believe in, work towards it while you have the time because as long as you have the energy to get there you can work towards that goal. Do not let other's experiences sway you from your own dreams and goalz. If you have a dream or an ideal for success, protect your momentum going forward with that plan.Try very hard not to share your goalz with those who do not share your same confidence in them. You are your own hero. Having a support system is ideal but If you have no support, you are your own support.

Your greatest resource is the library. Books. Nearly everything you need to learn about is hidden in a book or library somewhere. Search and you will find. You are also at an advantage because you have the internet. Search the web as well.

Most importantly after you've reached your goalz & obtained wealth/success NEVER forget where you came from & what you represent. Your accomplishments will be credited to you & your belonging race. Think collectively. Others will follow your lead. ✊

We must overstand also that not all of our people are supporters, some are lost caricatures who have not woken up yet. Not all skinfolk is kinfolk. Protect yourself from those who are negative & destructive to the progress of you & your people.

Follow & listen to only those who's words & actions prove beneficial to you. Those who inspire you give you added momentum to your own actions. Sample from one another. #EachOneTeachOne There are messages in every person, be careful of the ones you accept.

In reference to our past history, it did not start in slavery, it started when civilization and building was the norm for our people. Our people were already builders and civilized before slavery became a tribulation in our ancestors' lives. We must understand this important part of history, that something happened that demoted our people into a state of helpless, we were not always like that and today our conditions are different but with aftereffects of what occurred previously. Someone forced the ancestors into slavery through degradation, retardation (slowing the progress) and miseducation. Today you have a choice to build for yourself. To be intelligent or remain complacent.

Try not to get lost in the transgressions of the past. We are the strongest people, most fundamental, most innovative, and the beginning of all humanity. Our ancestors withstood all obstacles through perseverance and living by virtue and principles. Never seek vengeance. Those who inflicted the damage proved themselves to be devils and you, gods. Think before you act. There is a track record for every action done and it will marked in history for each generation to observe. Be aware of this. We must protect our cultural traits and our cultural history from transgressions that could ruin our people overall.

Maintain treating everyone fair because it's in your nature & essence that you have this compassion. You as a Black/or African human naturally love others. That's how you were born. Try not to confuse this as you wanting to be accepted by others. #hospitality We must accept ourselves as nurturers of the earth. The true owners of the earth are people who bring peace and humility to the front of society and we have consistently tried to bring that in spite of our circumstances. Take this mentally as a mental reminder of who we are in our journey towards knowledge of self. This is also embedded in our spirituality. Our spirituality and religious traditions are incredibly expendable compared to Western Spirituality. (Explore "The Encyclopedia Of African Religion" Ama Mazama & Molefi Kete Asante)

This thread will continue to build on economics and self determination. Some of the paragraphs written were done so for the purposes of #selfhelp #advice #foodforthought #wisdom #sensibleliving etc. Everything I wrote was wisdom that came to mind in elevation for others to raise awareness and search for these terms. #economics #socialskills etc. ✍

Consumer of what? Some years ago I asked a PhD economist to explain how an automobile engine worked. He couldn't even start, but he drove an SUV that was Whiter than he was.

My favorite WWII fighter plane was the P-38 Lightning. It is what Lou Gossett flew in the movie Iron Eagle II. It was designed in 1938 with first flight in Jan 1939. 30 years before the Moon landing. Designed without computers. It was the first US military plane to do 400 mph.

How anyone cannot figure out planned obsolescence in automobiles half-a-century after the Moon landing is beyond me.

But thus brings up the economic issue that economists say nothing about. What happened to the depreciation of durable consumer goods since Sputnik? Buy a car and the price is added to GDP. The car wears out. It depreciates. Where is the Depreciation subtracted?

Why hasn't accounting/finance been mandatory in high schools since Sputnik?
Ugh, again with airplanes and autos. What? you having problems with your car.....yet again?

The p-38 was a piece of ahem, to put kindly, was like the fur ball the cat puked up in the corner and even that is when they weren't engine freezing and seizing in midair or breaking apart in nose dives. The far more successful aeroplanes were the p-40, the p-51 and p-47 . So give credit where credit is due.
But airplanes and autos? give it a rest man. Apples and oranges.

The economic structures we live with is separate isn't it. So forget the silly argument of airplanes vs autos durability BS. Because it's an apple and oranges debate when what you're on about is an economics debate of who gets to NOT PAY for necessary use of the items needed for day to day maintenance of existence........ah ah ah like the automobile.
This is really funny. Ask ChatGPT the effects of making accounting mandatory in the schools and see what you get. Our economists are not intelligent enough to think of this.

Mandatory accounting education in schools could have several far-reaching effects on the economy:

1. *Financial Literacy* : Improving financial literacy among students can lead to a more financially savvy population. Individuals would be better equipped to manage personal finances, make informed investment decisions, and avoid debt, leading to greater financial stability and economic well-being.

2. *Entrepreneurship* : With a solid foundation in accounting, more students might feel empowered to start their own businesses. Understanding financial statements, budgeting, and financial planning is crucial for entrepreneurs, potentially leading to an increase in successful startups and small businesses, which are vital for economic growth and job creation.

3. *Workforce Competence* : A workforce with basic accounting knowledge can enhance productivity and efficiency in various sectors. Employees who understand financial principles can contribute more effectively to their organizations, leading to better decision-making and resource management.

4. *Economic Stability* : Financially literate individuals are more likely to save and invest wisely, contributing to a more stable and resilient economy. This can reduce the incidence of financial crises caused by poor financial decisions on both a personal and corporate level.

5. *Consumer Behavior* : Educated consumers are likely to be more cautious with their spending and borrowing. This can lead to healthier credit markets and reduced levels of personal debt, positively impacting the overall economy.

6. *Reduced Financial Fraud* : With a better understanding of accounting principles, individuals and businesses are less likely to fall victim to financial scams and fraud. This can enhance trust in financial institutions and markets.

7. *Economic Equality* : Financial education can help bridge the gap between different socioeconomic groups by providing everyone with the tools needed to manage their finances effectively. This can lead to more equitable economic growth and opportunities.

8. *Government Revenue* : Better financial literacy can lead to more accurate tax filings and compliance, potentially increasing government revenue. Additionally, a population that understands public finance might support more efficient use of public resources.

9. *Long-Term Planning* : Individuals who understand accounting are more likely to engage in long-term financial planning, including retirement savings and investments. This can reduce the burden on social safety nets and contribute to a more sustainable economic future.

10. *Cultural Shift* : Over time, mandatory accounting education can lead to a cultural shift where financial literacy is valued and prioritized. This can have a positive ripple effect on various aspects of society, including health, education, and overall quality of life.

Overall, mandatory accounting education in schools has the potential to create a more financially literate and economically stable society, with benefits that extend to individuals, businesses, and the broader economy.


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