Black People : VIEW THIS... No need to Buy! Info that is so Enlightening to WELL Being!


Jul 2, 2003

DON'T BE doing THOSE___Drug's Man!
Not even over the counter.. if do. Only a few weeks as stated in this Presentation
Info that is so Enlightening to WELL Being!
No need to Buy!

You already know these things. They are good and useful.
I do much of this anyway.

I Sleep well on two hours maybe.
Go another 8 or more and when my natural energy starts to wane, I spike. Again.
I have termed that ( Night Owl.. Day Walker... Personality Syndrome ) and now know.
My condition is listed as a Valid Disability. Sleep Disorder.

Do I collect my rep on Disability... or hold out for Social!
Both pay
One longer term that the other.
One is possibly a grand more .

One more thing.
When you retire.

Go to work for the U.S.P.Office
You can get all your SOCIAL pay still.
Plus a pay check ... it's a LOOP _hole !!!

Never phased me. I capitalized on all of Me!


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