Black Poetry : View From Beneath (a 96 degrees repost)


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Jan 30, 2001
Honey chocolate thighs stradling my chest
I look up to your lovely face
This is the way I love you best

I lay in wonder as you take control
Finding your groove in a rhythnic roll
Your arms behind you, then over your head
Reaching for the sky as we bounce on our bed
Up and down, round and round
I can feel where you put me
When it's that spot you've found

I see in your eyes
You like it like that
When you grab my ankles
And lean all the way back
I can see the wetness gathered in your nest
I see your mouth water
As I caress your breast

How beautiful you are
Making sure I hit the roof
Impaling yourself deeply
Finding womanly truth

Looking up at you
I'm happy as can be
I love what we're doing
I love what I see

You make a thousand faces
Each one telling a different story
A story of happiness and inner pleasure
As you ride my love to screaming glory

It is so F*!%$#@ HOT I can't stand it



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