Black Christians : VIDEO-Jews are African American

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May 7, 2009
ISRAEL & Jews are African American

I really love and appreciate this video! Although I know as perhaps most of us, that African Americans are not all Jews or all from the same origins, I get his point.

[1] The Bible details that the Jews at first formed a nation under a king but prior to that, it was a system under the priesthood only. But through the second king, David, the Jews became a nation under a kingdom and a priesthood. And their headquarters was in Herbron and then Jerusalem and all were Hebrew Israelites.

[2] But after the death of King Solomon, there was a civil conflict, and the nation divided. The Jews then consisted of the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin and their headquarters/Capital was Jerusalem. The were also called JEWRY and Southern Jewry Capital, in the Bible. In addition, hundreds of years prior and during the days of Jacob and then later Moses, another aspect of the Jews was also defined by the presence of another tribe, the TRIBE OF SIMEON. For this reason, many people do not realize that SIMON PETER is a Jew, but he is also from the tribe of SIMEON [ie. spelled SYMEON] in the Bible concordance]. The tribe of Simeon's land was situated within the boundaries of the Blessing of Judah.

[3] After the civil conflict, the other tribes of Israel became known as THE TEN TRIBES and also JOSEPH and their headquarters/Capital became SAMARIA. They also became known as NORTHERN ISRAEL or simply ISRAEL. So even today, the Nation of Israel is defined as such in certain areas in the world, especially of course in Africa where many of them are concentrated in THE HORN OF AFRICA. The Ethiopians are basically considered as JEWS [ie. HABESHA] and the Eritreans are THE TEN TRIBES OF JOSEPH [ie. HABESHA] and their leaders have names that define them by Joseph and his wife today. But then what about the many, many other descendants of Abraham and the Ebers?

Nevertheless, the continent of Africa is massive and so, due to the Transatlantice Slave Trade Era and thousands of years of the human experience, the Jews and Israel could not possibly be the only defintion of the African Americans today. And African people cannot possibly be ONLY CONFINED TO THE AFRICAN CONTINENT! That has been a deliberate and false conditioning for us to somehow come to believe that African-typed people only lived in Africa for thousands of years! They were scattered across the world in the earliest of times! The Bible prophecy makes it clear that hundreds of years prior, the victims of this horror of the slave trade would be other kinds of Black African people and the Israelites who were concentrated in the Horn of Africa would fall victim to this evil towards the end of the prophecy. And, I believe that most people are a aware of this but thought it good to share some details.
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