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Oct 25, 2005
Video: Bulletin Written By Clairton Priest Stirs Racial Controversy

Love thy neighbor? Local parishioners said that's not the message they're hearing from their priest.The priest took action, following the beating death of an 82-year-old woman. But instead of bringing the community together, some say his words threaten to tear it apart.A letter and a bulletin written by a priest responding to the woman’s death are stirring up controversy in Clairton. They're circulating around town and have even offended some of his parishioners.

I hear this alot...

To white people, all black people are the SAME...

I THINK NOT...You dont know WHITE PEOPLE in the NATION at ALL

Glad this WHITE MAN is standing UP...I dont see ANYBODY ELSE standing up to this FATHER. I do see HATRED against the COMMUNITY...

Roman Catholic is the fastest GROWING ORGANIZATION on the AFRICAN CONTINENT.

Roman Catholic have a GROWING history of being IMMIGRANT FRIENDLY in the NATION while being AFRICAN AMERICAN UNFRIENDLY.

Oh well.


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