Science and Technology : Victoria’s Secret model Lyndsey Scott’s passion? Computer programming

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    Lyndsey Scott relies on both her brains and her beauty for a living, drawing as much attention for her coding skills as the couture she wears on fashion runways.

    “It’s unreal how much attention I’ve received but I realize it’s a combination that people find interesting,” she told ”I wanted my careers to mesh in some way but I never expected to get the press I’ve had so far.”

    The 29-year-old model, who got her big break five years ago on the Calvin Klein runway during New York Fashion Week, has been a computer programmer since middle school. That’s when she learned she could use her TI-89 graphing calculator to create games. Today, four of the apps she created are carried by the Apple Store, including one released this week — Code Made Cool — as a supplement to her photo spread in the May issue of ASOS magazine.

    The iPhone app is a game that helps teach code, through a drag-and-drop system, and allows users to create fantasy scenarios with Ryan Gosling. Scott said she specifically made the app geared for ASOS readers, who are primarily young females.

    “I think it’s terribly important that more girls get involved in computer science because there are very few of them going into it right now,” she said, noting that female programmers who are ethnic minorities like her are especially rare. Scott said that part of the reason young girls look elsewhere is because of the stigma attached to being smart.(!?)