Black Poetry : vicious cycle


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Apr 15, 2001
Brothaz need to stop lying
Sistaz, need to stop...period

No disrespect, but
I can feel some a y'all now:

"What do she mean?"
"Who tha **** is she anyhow....?"

But you know me, my nubian Queen

I'm tha B.M.W.(Black Man Working)
moderately attractive cuz yo clock-tickin
*** has grown more accustomed to tha
light and you can see that there ain't
no fione ****** lovin women no more,
or who gonna treat you right
so you take a closer look
at my qualities

yeah you like me now? and I
KNOW my stuff is bout extinct, I gots
the run of tha field now baby and I'll
tell you what you wanna hear...bold-face
whisper **** in yo ear

str8 **** you long into next year

I'm still MYSELF ~ but I'll front
for you so differently

and if your gurlfriend shake her ***
one more time that way in front of me...

uhn uhn uhn

oh yeah my brotha, you know me

I'm successful in my career, driving
tha B.M.W.; I pledged AKA, own my own condo,
got a book full a credit cards; a serious
financial porfolio; get my hair did weekly,
plus a bi-monthly manicure AND pedicure **** is tight, I work out at the gym
...I speak fluent Spanish,
belong to a women's literary guild,
and when I have my children they gon be
in Jack and Jill...

Can you jump through a few hoops baby?

cuz see I don't give it up on tha first date
...but you CANNN get a whif
you gon have to call more regular to get
a deeper snif...
...Yeah I can loan you a thousand,
but what about commitment?
And I might put your name on the lease,
but what about the ring?
And I might give you head tonight,
but who tha hell is Cynthia?
And do you love her more than me?
So when we gon get married?
Hell, my biological clock is tickin...

baby? bayyy beee?

It's hard when brothaz feel they
gotta play a role
and deny they true identity
And it's downright sad to watch my sistaz
give it up so free

There's fear of telling the truth
for fear of ultimate rejection
But if you don't want my *** for ME
Keep moving in the other direction...



Sometimes we do act like we is and we ain't ~ to get what/who we want...and then the **** just starts sliding downhill because cain't nobody keep up a 'front' but so long...and the bad thang about it, is sistahs be knowin who we be from the gate. No real surprises in the longrun.

Change only comes from the heart. We need to be honest and go head and run the risk of rejection. But we scared.

Provoking my thoughts.


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