Black People : Veterans BEWARE

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    An excerpt:

    "Oct. 14, 2004 --"Oct. 14, 2004 --

    With the help of exceptional Army surgeons, Johnson survived. As he recuperated, however, Johnson faced perhaps an even greater obstacle than physical pain or injuries — the military bureaucracy.

    Part of the warrior ethos, the soldier's creed of the U.S. Army, is to "never leave a fallen comrade."

    "And it doesn't just pertain to the battlefield," Hagenbeck said. "It means, when we get them home they're a part of the Army family forever."

    But Johnson now lives in his car. It is where he spends most of his days, all of his nights, in constant pain from his injuries and unwilling to burden his family.

    Better Off Dead?

    Stories like Tyson Johnson's are not unique.