Black Spirituality Religion : Venus the two face planet and More

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    It takes eight years and one day for the appearance of Venus to complete an entire pentagram which resembles the same as the pictured apple. Venus and Mercury definitely has too much in common...the hidden symbol within that apple represent Eve and Eve not only offered Adam the apple but the apple is the divine knowledge of the feminine body--a holy grail indeed...this is also offered as a "true marriage of the opposites" conscious and sub-conscious which Adam represents the former and Eve represents the latter. The feminine number "two" weds the masculine number "three" as "five" which signifies five below and five above which also corresponds to the mercury and venus similarity and also as the Gemini aspect of vertical up and down which "a pillar" represents also or "I" as Me often heard of. Gemini is the messenger of one soul constantly going up and down from lower to higher consciousness and the mission that aspect portrays is that we must all be One soul. You also have five other senses to go with the earthly ones too but that was well known and still is. Lucifer is look at as the bringer of well let you research of Venus and find how not only the planets influence everyone but your mindsets or specific personality goes along with it as the great book of the bible is uncovered piece by piece from the beginning of course. Though the most ancient books will take you there without looking all over the place. Why you think Geminis are lovers though can turn war as Venus wars and loves too?? Interesting. They both love roses too! Love the heavens and must go tend to the children. Even as a Pisces I'm learning more and more of myself. The knowledge is everywhere and wisdom all over the place. Know thyself and keep it :weights:;):hi: