Africa : Venezuela pushes ties with Africa


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Aug 24, 2002
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Venezuela is launching a big diplomatic offensive to build closer ties with the African continent.

The government wants to open more diplomatic missions in Africa and invest in oil operations there.

Venezuela is reaching out to Africa, says Foreign Minister for African Affairs Reinaldo Bolivar.

During a meeting with African diplomats in Brazil, Mr Bolivar said Venezuela would this year be offering technical and legal know-how in the oil sector.

He said his country's state-owned oil company PDVSA was studying the possibility of entering oil exploration partnerships with a string of African governments.

Security Council bid

Last year, Venezuela started imposing joint venture agreements and higher taxes on multi-national oil giants operating in its oil fields.

Venezuelan diplomats may advise African energy ministers to go down that road.

The South American country is currently pushing for a more visible presence in Africa.

It wants to open diplomatic missions in 12 African nations, including the oil-rich Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.

The Venezuelan foreign ministry has also announced plans to set up health and education projects in Africa together with Cuba.

Venezuela would like to see strong African support for its bid to gain a seat on the UN Security Council in New York.

Officials here in Caracas say that so far they are confident of receiving backing from Ghana and Zimbabwe.


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Oct 26, 2005
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Thats interesting right there bro
For real I think thats a good move
I dont know if all of venezuela would agree with this
One my ex's is from venezuela we never really
Talked about africans at all she never really mentioned it
I wonder why???
She was a really quiet person from the start
Her family was ok with my but not all the way
It was like they would let me in-But puh away at the same time
I might just have to give her a call and ask her what does she think


Feb 22, 2004
I knew a white skinned venezuelan. I actually got in a fist fight, well more like wooped his *** in grade school for making a racial insult. I never see black people in these cuban or s. american governments, just an enemie of another name. although I am impressed by chavez's stance against whiteness a.k.a amerikka and europe. Africa beware, these Other races have learned (some cases taught) the white man and womans success of exploitring africa as well as working in collusion with these currupt african leaders.

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