Black Poetry : Varying Shades of Truth

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    the near north
    Varying Shades of Truth

    The iNnOcEnT knows…no…wrong
    ‘Til U train him (to wrong)
    Through Ur beliefs in
    Santa Claus
    The tooth fairy
    And EVIL scary

    He carries those lies
    Into adulthood

    Is that good?

    A fib
    A little white lie U justify by saying
    “I’m not harming anyone.”

    But…aren’t U?

    A corrupted child

    Innocence lost

    Is that not HARM?

    We teach him to lie
    …Fuss…and fight
    Hang out in the streets all day and night

    ~ Like he’s doing what’s RIGHT

    Hidden secrets has
    Caused many to weep with the
    Agony of loss

    Is maintaining the mask worth losing the soul of the one U love?

    “How long can it last,”
    U ask
    When everyday
    Offers new ways
    Of deceiving the EASY
    ‘Til it’s gotten way too easy
    To breeze through Ur deceptions

    But…U crept on

    Wallowing in deceit and debauchery, Ur heart yonder goes
    Seeking PLEASURable fulfillment of fleshly woes

    U “ASSUME” the guise that brings satisfaction to Ur thirst
    The mask fits well…Played…for ALL its “worth”

    (‘Til Ur bubble bursts…And U suffer the blues)

    Varying HUES

    When U varied the shade of the TRUTH U told
    She accepted Ur offering as if it was gold

    I’m told…

    The innocent need not lie for his gain
    But U alter the rules…to accomplish Ur aims

    Thus…Ur name


    Is a lie not a lie when it’s not the truth
    Even when mixed with the truth
    For the truth is only the truth when it’s “the whole truth
    And nothing but the

    Understand this

    Anything designed
    Omit, or
    In any way
    Change the complexion of the truth

    Is a lie


    Only the TRUTH is the TRUTH

    Not half truths, or
    Partial truths, or
    The truth by omission

    Some say the truth is a matter of degrees of lightness
    Where the darker the hue the bigger the lie
    And a white lie is only a lie by a degree or two

    What IS a white lie?

    God said
    “Thou shalt not lie”
    He didn’t say
    Thou shalt not “white lie”
    Was a white lie created by racists
    Who didn’t want their lie associated with
    The minority lie
    The rest of us tell

    I mean
    It must be hell
    Living in such agony

    The only time I’ve seen anything with racial designations
    Came as a result of racist efforts to disassociate themselves from others
    …Not of their PERSUASION

    Yeah…that was weak

    Is this just another attempt to elevate themselves above ME
    If not, where is the black lie
    Or the Hispanic lie
    Or the Oriental lie
    And all the other lies associated with the ethnic minority

    Where is the truth majority?

    What about the gray matter
    Between the black and white of it
    Where fib and lie can go
    That people see BUT ignore
    While claiming to abhor
    The wrong of it

    Varying Shades of Truth

    A haunted soul sleeps
    Hounded by a heart, tortured and weak
    …a TRUTH it cannot speak

    He told lies

    Little, white lies
    That cry for TRUTH’s liberty

    But the youth in him
    Would nOt allow truth to
    NOT hide
    …To be set free

    Kept in captivity

    Offering varying shades of a true
    He grew comfortable with

    A darker hue

    NOW, more distant from the light of TRUE

    A prisoner

    Its WORTH diminished
    With each passing moment


    ‘Til it birthed the F. I. B.
    Then used it…profusely (constantly)
    Fibs are like “ad libs”
    Skating around TRUE
    Never disturbing its hue

    But is there a shade of truth?

    If “ONLY the truth is the truth” is true
    Should there be a shade of truth
    …a loophole one can go through
    To escape the truth

    Only the truth is the truth

    But if there is no half truth
    And, even the truth by omission is considered a lie
    How could there be a loophole?

    Is the TRUTH
    SERVED up like an evening MEAL
    With more than just blessings
    And sugar coatings
    And liquid refreshing(s)
    To keep them guessing
    …And lessen the impact on U
    Softened…To prevent bruising
    From those people Misusing
    The TRUTH

    A varying shade
    …Of U.​
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    just like a rainbow of beauty this was awesomely done bruh !!!
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    the near north

    too often we tell off-truths, partial truths, etc., thinking that we're getting away with something...and not understanding that we're lying. we tell a "white lie" as if it's not supposed to hurt because it's a "white lie." but a lie is a a lie. and, in the telling, we become liars.

    the river floweth.