Black Poetry : Vacant Lots - rolling out from the Lighthouse


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Vacant lots everywhere
Prime real estate
Buildings fall
Folks move in
Kids play softball
While just a few feet away
Money placed in a soup can
Waiting for delivery
Rock stars hanging on the corner
Peddling their wares
Not aware
Of the black caprice
Cruising thru
Shots ring out
And babies fall
While Rock Stars
Continue to play
Walking over used condoms
Broken needles
While watching hookers
In gang ways doing their thang
On in a squad car
Bobbing for apples
Vacant lots
This is the spot
The reservation where they put us black folks
Welfare laden and unemployed
Cultivate this lot
And enjoy
Pit bull vs. rats
Who will win?
Playing bball alley style
With a bike rim or milk crate
No rules
Sitting in a burnt out car
Dirty old men
Con young girls
It all goes on here
For a little scratch
You got to offer up the snatch
Vacant lots everywhere
Enter if you dare.
Haaaaaayyyy Bishop :wave:

wow ... never thought of it as being our reservation
you bring to light an interesting observation

it's some preach'n up in this place this morning
wow ... what yall do over the weekend
bringing flows that aint try'n ta pretend
that things is messed up all over our land


man this

could been written from any hood anywhere on

man i know of what you speak
it seems the more poverty stricken a place is, many others places have the same problems like they mirror each other - almost like a control chaos if you may a mandated process almost

Peace My Dawg



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