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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Let the Divine Wind once again brush against your mind and allow you to imagine something about you, that is Divinely Real, an imagination that is set in the Blood Reality of those Ancient people that revealed themselves through the Ancient Temples of Nowe, the Ancient city that did become Ancient Kemet, a city now recognized as EGYPT, a city long ago that diminished the True Identity of a people that did come flowing out from the Loins of a people that came to this planet through the Vortex of the Belly of the Universe, they that came with the knowledge of how to interact and become one with the Universal Elemental Forces, Entities that Kiss the Forehead of your Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, the Trail Blazers of this Earthly Civilization, use your Divine Mind imagination to See and Verify your Divine Truthful Reality and the action by you that did take place upon this Queenly Planet, now commonly referred to as Earth, the Mother of our Native Beginning upon the surface of Her Belly.

    Black Once Divine Being, use your Imagination to See your Freedom, your Independence, your Life Sovereignty, and See the Glory of the Justice you once enjoyed upon this Planet, in a Place Long ago referred to as Nowe, the so call City of so call Afrika, where you knew no sign of Evil and experienced no Life Abuse, but did Dance with the Stars and Slept with the Planets, with the Perfect Night being your cover of verification of Whom you Really Are.

    Let your Imagination take you on a Journey so that you may be able to verify your Place in the Sun upon this Planet and to let you know the Journey of Destination you must Travel , that is if you desire to Divinely walk and Talk with your Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors, without interruption or the act of misguidance, such a Divine imagination require you to reclaim your Divine Mind, in order to be able to See what it is we must do and where we must do it at, it being in the place that still hold the Foot print of the goddess and gods of this planet, they being those of you that carry the Germ that cause your intimate relationship ro be with the perfect Night.

    Go, Black once Divine Black Being, and use your imagination to see behind you into the Myriads of those past Nights and see the Days of Yore, those days of yours when the burden of Life and the deception of Time was not a part of your Black Divine Life Purview, Look down that distant corridor of Yestertime and see the Illumination of your Divine Life activity and how you once knew where every earthly Grid that lay hidden under the skin of Queen Mother Earth be, allowing you to possess the Energy and power that resemble the Sun- Stars, you who knew no illness or sickness that caused you to become drunk with pain and Mental Misery.

    There in the place referred to as Afrika, Black goddess and gods, there is where you must go, in order to imagine where your place were and now to be, upon this planet, and to verify, that there is where you must allow your imagination to carry you and there it is, for you to focus upon, being the distance that we Black People have Fallen and the way we Fell, verifying what be the cause of our Fall, a fall that have us now in a Mind that is not ours, using an imagination that Lie and deceive you, as to where it is you must go to experience your Divine Glory in Life again.

    Yes, Yes, use your imagination to hear the crying rumble of a Nat Turner, a Denmark Vesy, A Blyant, a Delaney, a Bishop Turner, a Harriet Tubman, Queen Hatsheput, Queen Nzinga, a Wise Imhoteph, a Menes, a Garvey, hear all of the Great Ancestors and hear them say to you with a Million Tongues, Go Home Black Children, your place is there by the River Nile, bathing in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Beloved, use your imagination so that you may know that all that we have done in our state of captivity was not to one day make claim to a Wanting we have developed from being away from the Divine Truth so long, a Wanting Drug addiction that now have us making claim to a Land that is in the possession of Liars and Thieves.

    Use your Divine imagination that will give you cause to break the wanting habit of wanting to stay in close proximity of a known Devil and a Lucifer Deceiver, he having dominion over all of what is now referred to as the United States of America and all of the Diaspora North America and in general the entire World, so use your imagination so that you may know that there is no place where you the Black Soul is safe but in that place that carry the Holy Foot Print of the gods your Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors and that place today is commonly known as Afrika and it is there where your Divinity awaits you Black Womb gender and Staff Gender, commonly referred to as Woman and Man.

    Yes beloved, use your Imagination to See what not you are to Want, but what you are to See that which you Need and in so doing, you will come to know, that no where away from that place referred to as Afrika, is there safety for you.

    Use not your imagination but use your knowledge to know that as long as we are in America united states, be it in the North or South or the East or the West, nowhere are you, the Black Child of the Middle passage, are you safe from the Wiles of Lucifer, but in the Land of the goddess and gods, there is where you will find refuge from the prince of Evil in this World, so use not your Human Being Imagination but use the Divine imagination that will point you the way to your Mind Safety and imagine the power of your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which is to serve as your Ark of Savior and will carry you away from the Land of Death, Lying and deception, commonly referred to as America United States, a Land our Enslaved Ancestors did not shed one drop of Blood in order to make claim to a Land they only knew Misery therein.

    Black Divine Being, use your Divine imagination to See yourself to be Free, enjoying the Sovereignty of Life and the Freedom of Justice, all which will be accomplished in the Land of the goddess and gods, so imagine your Separation and independence away from the bearer of the false Light, ( Knowledge ) he being known as Lucifer the Human Being, the Human Liar and Deceiver of the Black World.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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