Black Poetry : Use words strongly consist of verbs only that show action And flow with satisfaction like fish strea

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    Use words strongly consist of verbs only that show action
    And flow with satisfaction like fish streams not even a fraction
    Of my skills, saw a silly goose with the ability to produce and egg
    Skills acquired by training one got fired for raining on the wrong
    Parade but look my dome is made to rhyme and ride on chrome
    And I keep the top drop, on the street a lot talk to sweets that’s
    Hot, gonna pull down my pants if meet a renowned romance at
    The club already on phat dubs and up to combat scrubs a-rat-a
    Tat-tat I’m on your doormat wearing a hardcore hat today
    Defeat domes as far as Baghdad by the way psychos roam
    Around home like Norman Bates waiting for mom, mad
    Whackness leads to bad practice the whole thing is sad
    Anyway got plenty to say I flow with pride and provide
    Pleasure and delight and hope for treasure tonight hide
    My emotions and they collide with oceans and that bring
    Black rain in here and the facts remain clear when I bling
    Need a girl to leave moist on my sheets considered choice
    To eat, my voice unique but can’t sing at all yall that’s a horse
    Of a different color, girls with magnificent butter do understand
    See a girl flirting today in a certain way I best have a dinner plan
    A plain winner with fact but my brain start to interact can’t wait
    For a date so make no mistake I can’t be late for this it’s a great
    Chance for some romance to cum and enhance my life hard to
    Be bitter must regard and consider the circumstances that threw
    A Monkey Wrench in the plan a flunky is drench in stupidity so who
    Wanna engage in negotiations and be caged here on location no
    Vacation necessary this is small work all jerks go berserk and loco
    The deal with love is that it heal in clubs squeal for hugs from
    Chicks they don’t come quick have to wait for the right time some
    Still duck but I fill my cup with wine and watch them strut butts fine