Black Poetry : Use verbs and amuse with words and short phrases


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May 11, 2006
Use verbs and amuse with words and short phrases
To explain all sorts of phases in my life it even amazes
Christ I think, has a romance feature like a dance teacher
You move with groove this gift lube bones even of a preacher
For calcium eat bananas wear unique bandanas in purple silk
That Urkel built during family matters of geometry circles wilt
Write unique vapor on a sheet of paper plus type on computers
With more skills than flight maneuvers service right like Hooters
On this site all my posts bring concern like a host of firms
Doing rubber research plus a lover with touch we all learns
In the lab I mix rhymes trying to fix mines leave speckles
In my eyes like DR Jekyl and Mister Hyde I want collectibles
Come to a haunted house enter perhaps have dinner and trapped
Inside some winter rap really spit some cold rhymes and crap
Snow on the ground as I flow nouns and ice cubes this could
Represent any committee from the windy city of the Chicago hood
Don’t spread rumors it cause head tumors you’re urged not to do so
It’s my crew true flow, clear jewelry like beer from the brewery it glow
Quotes earthly and noteworthy like dental records knock a pathetic cavity
Into poetic gravity start filling the holes with thrilling and bold depravity


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