Black Poetry : Use quotes To confuse folks Never lose hope Rapping to a KOREAN CHICK While seeing quick Ways to fall in love And then call the club For a reservatio

Hugged up, his aim is to reach.
her panties he just put his hand.
under her dress HE SAID: aw girl.
you got sweaty yellow thighs to whirl.
a boy's world she moved her thing.
around he is wearing smooth bling.
renown oh she started to moan.
and groan SHE SAID: oh, judgement reached.
is a decision in religion in VIRGINIA BEACH
oh, cried and wept.
went to the store applied for help.
oh, she's HIP HOPPING smart.
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oh, she's HIP HOPPING smart.
then grabbed a shopping cart.
she made a legit pledge.
bought some grits and egg.
oh, a girl with her dress up.
her breasts will get sucked.
oh, she hangs with divine dancers.
boys use slang to find answers.
oh, her panties be wet a lot.
and that's how she gets hot.
can't ignore this boy pride.
for her panties need more tide


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