Black Poetry : Use kitchen utensils while itching for pencils this vapor is corrupt if done on paper products but m


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May 11, 2006
Use kitchen utensils
while itching for pencils
this vapor is corrupt
if done on paper products
but his flow is clean
because he use chlorine
to wash his script
then squash lips
with kisses that flips
the minds of girls they slips
and fall in love have to come to grips
as tall thug grab rum take sips
can't ride train delayed
so he remained and stayed
a female code
is like a railroad
it's down the track
it may sound whack
but the nouns stack
in HIPHOP as love talk
shatter them eardrums
and of course the girls hear some”
“SHE SAID: MUST BE a hog around
because she feel bog down
this big no doubt
boys wanna pig out
between her thighs
lots of cream pies
and boys tell extreme lies
to get some
she let none
get over how you like that?
So what you think of me now?
Got toast at home
but had to postpone
breakfast no grits
her emotions grow a bit
boys beg
for the egg
between her legs
oh a Black Soul Sister
go through a lot blister
the road to sex like TWISTA
it's emotions hear me mister
this is Black HIP HOP in
SOMETHING in the water
like MOBY DICK it'll slaughter
and swallow you best order
a boat to float in and get broader
than an ocean she's conscious daughter
because boys try bam bam
thank you mam and then scram
normal for puppies to bark
then these yuppies take part
and we have a bow wow start
to take place
and boys want cake and lace
and by kissing make us taste
love, she's Black True Queen
these are facts and routine
got an itch and sweaty
so she switch to CHEVY
now at the bar yo
drove a Tahoe
and her panties are hot
one boy try lift her dress stop!
Oh gosh he was horny a lot
another boy say boo you look nice
was a love blush
and her blood rushed
at the club hushed
and listen jest crushed
me with the kissing
her lips he never missing
be clever listening
to him beg for some
she pledge it to none
jest strut around
because her butt is round
she's a wet threat to a boy
can take a jet to HANOI
and still be on flight status
and tonight apparatus
guess will be a bed
oh all the mess he said
got her panties hot
a female with cake and breasts
and he fail to make progress
to the bedroom it's best
if he jest forget this
and one wet kiss
could start a barn fire
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May 11, 2006
could start a barn fire
HE SAID: I drive a strange NOVA
and may change over
to a LEX
to get true sex
got a crew of latex
in my pocket
so at the end there's chocolate
at the end of the rainbow
to have an expedient crew
is like ingredient in stew
so look boo I love you”
for a period in the past
all my lyrics had class
you hear it blast
on the radio
even PLATO
knew the truth and gravity
of this so sweet gave a tooth cavity”
“NAW PLAYER my vocab
is in no lab
it go grab
a boy's shirt collar
chips ahoy mini-skirt scholar
oh my panties are wet
haven't sit in the car yet
really she stunt galore
and use the front-door
of boy's mind to trap him
even though he rap above the rim
and love to wear Tims
and snack on slim-Jim
he's at her mercy


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May 11, 2006
his script great
and manipulate
and bent microphones
and sent them home
scared in twilight zones
starring ROD SERLING
concern about the odd hurling
this be about a girl's sandwich
now deal with his advantage

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