Chief Elder Osiris : USAThe sociological behavior toward Black people

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    Only those of us that are shackle with the Trinity of evil ( vain Ego, Envy, And Jealousy ) is not in acknowledgment with what this Elder, IAMJAHLUL is sharing with us here today.

    Be Kind To your self

    Chief Elder

    IAMJAHLUL <[email protected]> wrote:

    Beloveth Chief,

    Your deductive reasoning is "crisp." From our experience, and knowledge of the social behavior, and programing from those that enslave the world. From their premise, if they rule the world, which we must over stand the mentality of such, then we and everything else is subjugated to that premise, and their "god." A false premise at best will result in false illusions in the pretense of being reality.

    Now the game of being president, and world power is the biggest game they have going, beside being ruler of the world. Any rhetoric, and propagandizing is purely co-ordinated with the big game world wide. IT is a fact on which you give as proof of the fraud, and falsity of the premises and conclusions that come from lies and deceit if this, then that theory. The bi-produce of this distorted view is that many accept it to be truth, and or that nothing can be done about it.

    If, hypothetically speaking the premises, and the conclusion was of any truth we would still be in shackles, and chain's. Now since they perceive our being free from those shackles, and chain's is due to their giving us our freedom, and the right to "act white," and get some fake rights, vote, and be the president just like them. Chief we both know what is being said in private. "We can't have no ***** in the white house. And we sure can't have that negga loving socialist white gurl run things unless things are out of hand.

    Chief you are so true, the kittles & bits that give is to keep us enslaved. They have repaid every other people except us for the torturing they have caused to them. Chief we both know that they cannot allow us to truly reclaim our rightful place in the world, and/or the universes. They will go down with the lies, and deceit along with those that "believe" in the illusion.
    Not one of these so called world rulers have made this a better place than when they got here. Chief, the psychological warfare that is applied to the massive is deadly to the mind, body, and spirit. "The revolution will not be televised, nor broad casted in the news."

    The sociological behavior toward"Black people," the world round,and people as a whole is criminal, and out of Divine Spiritual Order. No the truth will not be televised, nor told by those that are "the ruling class." With the premise that they rule the world, we all are subject-matter to their rule & law. To accept this premises as truth is to accept enslavement with no just rewards, and no justice.

    Just do what I say do, and allow you to do. Or I will kill you. Destroy your families, and you way of life. To the fool, these rewards, and non-negotiable agreements are just fine and dandy boss. Bigger fool is OK with whatever happens.

    Chief your massive sparked a fire in me today. you are on point, and focused. Stay alert Chief, and keep it coming. I am certain that many are enlightened from these few words of wisdom, and reality from our experience here in this place called earth,and/or USA.

    We need a news broadcast each day or the truth for those that are seeking to know the truth. Up to the minute reality, and Divine knowledge. We give thanks Chief, and we bow to the Ancient Ancestral teaching that are shared through you.