Brother AACOOLDRE : USA @ War with the Black family

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    By Andre Austin

    The best way to destroy black people is to attack their family unity. The government has implemented policies that doesn’t bring the Blackman and woman together. They are our public avowed enemy.

    We first have to go back at the foundation of Marriage in order for us to open our eyes to our enemy. In the Old Testament and the New Testament the marriage ritual and ceremony comes from the Egyptian religion. For evidence of this read 101 myths of the Bible p.54 by Gary Greenberg.

    In the Egyptian religion the Egyptian Goddess Isis describes her own attributes and powers as:

    “I have brought together woman and man (as Hathor?)…

    I founded marriage contracts for women” ( From Fetish to God In Ancient Egypt p.204-205 by E.A. Wallis Budge). I’m sorry Trump but Obama didn’t found Isis

    Ever since Christianity was founded by corrupt, elite white Romans as a spoof of the Egyptian religion, they have been attacking Isis. The mythical Virgin Mary composed in order to usurp the highly popular Isis as especially regarding the manner of her impregnation. Isis was and is dangerous to Christianity & Catholics by her oecumenical and catholic nature. Their new attack on Isis is to associate it with Muslim terrorist who wouldn’t abbreviate themselves after a pagan Goddesss, but a white military intelligence group would.

    This is to let you know how powerful the Egyptian religion and the family of Osiris, Horus and Isis (the real Trinity) is with a crooked governments trying to associate Isis with terrorism. Isis was is motherhood, healing and building families through marriages. And the white man is trying night and day to sh.itttt all on it. It was no diffirent when Hitler’s Nazi Germany stole from Egyptian art of the crooked cross or swastika. He was so evil and so bad we dare not take it back. And that’s what they are trying to do to the image of the Egyptian Isis=make it so bad we wouldn’t want to associate with it and attach ourselves under white Christianity of imperialism and oppression. But the real Isis in Egypt is still to big for their tricks.